Canada’s blind international student program

By: Surjit Singh Flora

Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussein recently unveiled a new study-permit processing system called the Student Direct Stream, through which the students of five countries, including Pakistan, can have their permits processed in as few as 20 days. As fellow minister Amarjit Singh Sohi said, International students, are contributing to our economy, enhancing our people to people ties, and growing our academic capital.”

Actually, the facilities provided to students from those countries, including India and China, have now been given to Pakistani students.

This means that soon, those students could quickly expedite their journey to Canada by becoming ‘Taliban.’

This does not mean that the Pakistani students are ‘Taliban terrorists.’ The world knows that the Taliban is dominant in Pakistan, and Pakistan has become a century of international terrorism.

During his visit to the U.S., Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted that there were still close to 40,000 terrorists in Pakistan.

Under the Fast Track International Student Program, Canadian security agencies will not be well-aware of the applicant’s background, which has opened a new door for Taliban terrorists wanting to come to Canada.

This is a poor decision for the security of the country. There were just under 4,000 Pakistani students with Canadian study permits in 2018, according to official Citizenship Canada statistics.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is struggling with foreign currency and debt problems. The rich people of Pakistan have largely left the country, and now Canada’s student visa program will further augment Pakistan’s foreign currency.

PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government and its ministers say these days that the International Student Program is very beneficial to Canada, bringing in approximately $14-15 billion annually to Canada.

Sohi said in a recent statement that the student visa program could not be terminated under any circumstances. These statements about economic benefits seem to indicate that the Government of Canada is using this program to make dollars.

In countries including India and China, where international students are coming under the ‘fast track,’ some people in those countries can’t afford to spend this kind of money on their children and most of them are taking the plunge. People are selling land and getting loans. The messages from the Canadian government’s neglect are leaving the country unattended, and a student visa is the easiest way to get Canada’s approval.

Canadian educational agencies and their commission agents are holding seminars abroad, with plenty of agents marketing the program to prospective applicants.

There is no shortage of such agents in Canada. Canada’s immigration minister says international students are coming to Canada to study and will return.

This is a misleading statement. Students who are heading to Canada after finishing Grade 12 are not coming back to explore India or Pakistan.

Many of the international students who graduate from a program in Canada often become eligible for a post-graduation work permit. With a Canadian education and skilled work experience in Canada, former international students are well-positioned for success in applying for permanent residence through Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program or the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.” No one needs to goes back.

In 2018, in fact, nearly 54,000 former students transitioned to permanent residence, an all-time high. In countries like India, there are even bribes for passing or getting the IELTS (International English Language Teaching System), and it has become big business.

The parents of some female students make deals to pay all of the student’s expenses, including airline fare, admission fees, books, and living expenses, in exchange for bringing a fellow male student over and getting them work, via claiming that they are married. This is often done because some male students are unable to pass the IELTS.

Even if they get a practical authorization of 20 hours per week, in most cases the work is exceptionally menial, and the going rate begins at $5 per hour.

English media outlets have now picked up on how many people are using smear money and kickbacks to get a job. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) and Leadership Management Programs (LMIs) have also been accused of openly trading for peers.

The kickback deal was once rumored to cost $10,000 per person, but now the price has gone up to $40-50,000. Instead, fake private colleges/schools have been opened with no formal education system.

Students get a visa with an excuse and are allowed a high fee for attending colleges.

It is also surprising that Canadian security agencies are seemingly asleep at the wheel given this widespread issue. The visa is issued under the federal government, while the registration of educational institutions is with the state governments, so no one is ready to take responsibility.

There is also something worth mentioning about ‘blindfolding.’ Cash-work students and their parents who work on a 10-year multiple visitor visa do not pay income tax. The jobs they are making cheaper do not even get the minimum wage for others, which is causing governments to double income tax.

Taxpayers are paying for the government services they are using. Many private colleges and community colleges appear to be looting one another. It seems that fraud and its agents are the biggest beneficiaries of Canada’s blind international student program.

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