Dixie Gurudwara launched a new campaign to dispose of the remains and ashes of their dead and deceased due to Covid-19

By: Surjit Flora

According to information received from Capt. Iqbal Singh Virk, last Sunday, August 30, the managing committee of Dixie Gurudwara launched a new campaign to dispose of the remains and ashes of their dead and deceased by constructing a magnificent site for this purpose near Dixie Gurudwara.

The ashes are later collected and disposed by immersing them in the nearest river. Sikhs do not erect monuments over the remains of their dead. To dispose of the ashes, Sikhs place them in a body of running water, such as a river, so the Soul may be united with God.

After praying in front of Guru Granth Sahib and (Five Beloveds) Panj Payaras and the congregation at the Gurudwara, the foundation stone was laid by the Five Beloveds. It has been dubbed as ‘Kiratpur’ by the management and they say that the necessary permit has been obtained from the government to dispose of the ashes. The facility went operational on August 30, 2020.

He said that a beautiful park would be set up here and beautiful lights would be installed in it. When people come to the new facility, they will hear the beautiful kirtan of Gurbani taking place in the Gurudwara here too. They no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to go to Punjab. He said that a regular record of these ashes and remains would be kept here.

Many administrators and members of the managing committees of the Gurdwaras were present on the occasion.

Inderjit Singh Bal, Chief Manager, Brampton Funeral Home and Visitation Center, Lotus Funeral and Cremation Center; MPP, Brampton South, Prabhmeet Singh Sarkaria; Milton’s MPP Param Gill; School Trustee Balbir Sohi and several other elected representatives summarized their views and said that this opening at Dixie Gurudwara would be of great help to the Punjabi community.

Capt. Iqbal Singh Virk advised the managing committee of Dixie Gurudwara to set up a senior’s home for Punjabi seniors. He said that due to non-availability of Punjabi food in the existing seniors’ homes, Punjabis have difficulty in eating there and so do not prefer to go there. Expressing his views on the suggestion, Gurpreet Singh Bal said that there was a suitable space for it and with the necessary approval from the government, the work would be started soon.

It may be recalled that earlier the langar hall of the Gurudwara has been opened by the managing committee and a modern kitchen has been constructed in it. At the same time, some chairs and tables have been provided on one side of the langar hall for the elderly who find it difficult to sit on the floor to eat langar. Benches have also been set up at the Gurudwara to enable them listen to their kirtan, and an elevator has been arranged to go upstairs, which will be operational soon after getting the necessary permission from the Mississauga City Council.

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