Trudeau “hollowing” education as the writ drops

By: Surjit Singh Flora

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canadians ‘need a teacher’ as prime minister to protect public education.

According to Trudeau, “public education” is not a social or moral issue, but a “solid economic” issue that Ontario Premier Doug Ford and federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer do not believe invest in “people.”

Therefore, it is even more important for the people to elect a ‘teacher’ for prime minister, he claims. Trudeau has been a drama teacher, and many people think he is a good dramatist as a politician.

In the 2015 election, Trudeau promised that the Liberal government would budget $20 billion in debt for the first three years to win the election, to boost the economy, and for the fourth year, to balance the budget in 2019.

What exactly is Trudeau doing? It’s 2019, and the budget has a $20 billion deficit. In the three years that have passed, the total budget is short about $20 billion every year, instead of an overall budget shortfall of $20 billion. In these four years, the budget is $80 billion short, and interest on this loan is also increasing, which further increases the debt.

That shows that Trudeau is a ‘teacher’ who doesn’t even know the difference between 20 and 80. Oh, I’m sorry! I forgot he was a Drama teacher – he can play the political and show his crocodile tears, but can’t calculate because, merely, he’s not a math teacher.

However, even if he was a math teacher, I still don’t think he would get the proper calculations, as he cannot calculate the refugees coming to Canada and the NAFTA deal with the USA. No matter what, Canada is losing at the end of the day.

If he knew that then, the budget deficit would have been closer to some of the election promises made to the people. At one time, Trudeau had also said that the budget would balance itself.

Perhaps the drama teacher was waiting for the budget’s ‘magic power’, or maybe all of these four years, he forgot to rub the magic lamp that would allow the budget to balance itself.

If Trudeau becomes Prime Minister again, then the Treasury Minister should be abolished and replaced by the Ministry of Expenditure. The task of this new minister must be to forget government spending and to leave the budget open to balance itself.

Surprisingly, Trudeau is making ‘public education’ an issue for federal election campaigns, which is not a federal issue at all. The Canadian PM has nothing to do with education from kindergarten to grade 12.

This issue is the sub-government that sets it up in their own province. Municipal governments impose ‘education tax’ on properties in their jurisdiction that go to the Sub-Education Fund, which runs the public education system of each provincial and municipalities.

Why is Trudeau trying to contest the federal election on the sobriety issue? Does the Trudeau government not seem to win voters’ minds over federal issues that are raising the question of delusion?

Many of Trudeau’s ministers, MPs and sentries are also raising concerns in the matter. Kamal Khera, the Liberal MP from Brampton West, raised the issue of the lack of health services (hospital beds) in Brampton while talking to a radio station, and blamed Doug Ford’s government.

Khera has forgotten that the country’s immigration policy is under the control of the federal government, with over three million people coming to Canada in the past four years. Brampton’s immigration growth rate in particular is twice that of the region. Tens of thousands of immigrants in the city are overburdened and saddled with lackluster health care services. The number of abortions has increased, which is free and costs the province.

It’s easy to blame the Ford government, which is dealing with a huge budget deficit, with debt interest at $1 billion a month. The people of the state are not in a position to pay further tax, and the government is not able to get the additional loan.

The Trudeau government needs to talk about crime, immigration fraud and public safety of Canadians over the next few weeks. Instead of blaming the Ford government for a single hospital in Brampton, it is also not fair because the Ford government is still a year and two months away from any major changes.

For the past 15 years, Liberal government neither built a second hospital in Brampton nor balanced the province’s budget. It has caused the people of the province to sink into record debt.

Trudeau and his ministers should talk about Canada’s financial situation, rising budget deficits, rising immigration’ fraud, crime / public safety, and Canada fighting internationally.

Subdivision issues should be left to the province government. The thought of ‘public education’ in the face of Trudeau seems to have come to an end, as he himself has been educated all the time inexpensive private schools that charge hefty fees.

Trudeau studied at the Elite Private College in Montreal, which the general public cannot afford to pay, but the worry about ‘public education’ is getting louder.

The annual tuition fee for Trudeau’s private school in Vancouver (West Point Gray Academy) is $23,490.

Trudeau is not concerned about public education, but the votes and notes of the Public Sector Teachers’ Union. Thus, it can also be termed as ‘the hollowing of the people.’

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