A Festival of Lights “Diwali”

Surjit Singh Flora

Many Canadians celebrate Diwali, which is called the “Festival of Lights.” This is a joyous festival that has attracted the attention of many media and the public in Canada. Every year, various community groups, businesses, schools, Banks and associations celebrate Diwali. Some companies hold corporate Diwali dinners, and some communities hold carnivals or parties, and feature fireworks displays. Many festivals of Diwali have dance, street lighting and theater performances.

Diwali is a holy festival which is very important not only religiously but also socially.

India is a country of different castes and religions, and each religion has its own customs and festivals. That is why India is also called the land of festivals. The festival we are talking about today is a festival of lights, a symbol of victory of good over evil, a symbol of light and knowledge in darkness, a symbol of keeping one’s surroundings clean. Yes, we are talking about the holy festival of Diwali in which mutual understanding is reflected.

This festival is a celebration of the victory of light over darkness. It is synonymous with firecrackers, family celebrations and mass feasts. Like many other religious ceremonies, Diwali has this time been marred by the Covid epidemic, which has restricted family celebrations to social distance. So, for the best of your loved ones, celebrate this year with your family bubbles.

For example, the most important darkness in the world this year is Covid-19. As of October 1,272,322, lives had been lost, and 51, 448,070 had been infected.

Diwali celebrations worldwide have been cancelled, or due to coronavirus restrictions, they have been instructed by the governments to stay home, celebrate with their families.

Governments have also instructed not to do everything in the best interest of everyone.

But some bad apples continue to violate these rules, pushing not only themselves into trouble but also other people to the brink of death.

Don’t risk your health by attending Diwali, if you still want to, and if caught, the By-Law Officer will give you the best expensive Diwali gift of a $750 ticket or a state fine of $1,000 or more. 

Diwali is one of the biggest and most popular festivals in India.

This Diwali, tens of millions of people have lost their jobs due to Covid. Many children are dying of starvation. In this challenging time, when we have to spend money on firecrackers and liquor celebrations, especially on Diwali, Indians habitually spend a lot of money on firecrackers. 

It is a complete waste of money and produces noise and air pollution. Sometimes it is also a source of water pollution. The money we spend on firecrackers should be distributed to the poor in the form of food and clothing that will support many families.

Therefore, lets us open our hearts and distribute clothes and food to the needy so that no one will go to bed hungry. Donate canned vegetables, cranberry sauce, gravy, instant potatoes, and pies. Also, donate soup, pasta, rice, canned tomato paste, sauce, and beans.

Fireworks and oil lamps also cause damage; many homes have burned down. Today, we are hurting others. That’s not what we want or God.

Today, firecrackers are no longer what they used to be 20-25 years ago. They are actually explosives now, filled with a variety of chemicals. They are not dangerous for human lives but also for the environment. Medical research has found evidence that burning firecrackers can increase pollution. As a result, many people are suffering from cancer, asthma and tuberculosis.

Let’s all avoid pollution and the environment by avoiding large gatherings, giving money to the needy, feeding the hungry, buying books for poor students, paying a student’s tuition for a year so that he can afford it, don’t have to leave school because of hardship. Our small efforts can save a lot of lives.

With our support, our community can have better access to education, one-on-one support and opportunities for growth, trust, courage, and life skills. Everyone’s little help can brighten the future of not only us but the entire country.

So, let’s build a social distance this Diwali and pray for everyone’s good health and well-being to stop the spread of the virus by staying at home and lighting the oil lamp to conquer the darkness of Covid-19.

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