A new transit hub at Toronto Pearson airport – Union Station West

Do you want more choice for a better commute? A new transit hub at Toronto Pearson airport – Union Station West – could help make that a reality.

Union Station West will make transit over traffic the obvious choice.  With a second major transit hub in our regional network, more routes can connect between Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke and Toronto. This will create faster, more frequent and farther-reaching transit than we’ve ever had before.

A better transit network lets people to make more flexible choices about how they live. Residents would also be able use the improved public transit to reach new jobs. Union Station West would help to reduce road congestion by taking cars off the road, making roads clearer and air cleaner.

This new transit hub will be complete by the early 2030s. In the meantime, Toronto Pearson is working to add more bus routes that connect the airport and the area around it. The Eglinton Crosstown LRT will be the first rail line to connect to Union Station West. Improving the regional transit with Union Station West will help our region grow. What do you think? Go to www.unionstationwest.ca to learn more.

Better transit helps businesses grow, too. Fewer cars on the road keeps cargo delivery on-time. Businesses can find new customers and new employees through improved transit connections, too.

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