Another lockdown isn’t the answer to Covid-19

By: Surjit Flora

Ontario reported 313 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday. Many people and Health specialists, including Premier Ford, said that the severity of a second wave further shutdowns that every option is on the table.

But Premier Ford forgot that it’s not a sign of the second wave; it’s just a result of reopening the 3rd stage. If there is a second wave, it will worsen then these numbers. It could be anywhere from 700 to 1500.

So, lockdown isn’t the answer to Covid19, but if the premier wants to slow the inevitable infection wave, the hospitals don’t get overwhelmed. This means hospitals would be maxed, but not overrun to such an extent that they can’t treat heart attacks, strokes, and other life-threatening ailments.

Since we don’t yet have the vaccine, lockdown is all we have, the only measure that can flatten the inevitable wave so all sick can be treated. Crude, but if we stick it out, effective.

Anyway, lockdown isn’t a cure. It’s a mechanism for a slowdown, that’s all. It’s better than doing nothing. And it’ll work if people decide not to act like germ-spreading morons.

This is very alarming. People are gathering at Parks everywhere. How can they ensure physical distancing? 

If we don’t know how the virus is kept playing. However, we do know how other coronaviruses play out. The common cold is a good example. The fact is that it never goes away. This is what we are suggesting. So why haven’t we all succumbed to the Common Cold?

Several reasons. First, we have developed some immunity to it, so that it cannot just rip through the population. It does arise from time to time with a new mutation, and some people cannot fight it off so easily as others. But in general, the Ontarians has some resistance. It keeps mutating, and people keep getting it, fighting it off, and then getting over it and getting a new strain after a time.

However, there is resistance in the population, so that even if we catch a cold, it usually is a minor annoyance. We can expect that this is what would happen under those circumstances. Thus, while the virus may never go away, it probably will not be a significant problem for most of us.

We have no immunity to the virus, and it has shown that it can spread through social gatherings, weddings, parties, and clubs very rapidly.

As the numbers are increasing from a few days, and maybe just a few days more to raise that number to thousands. We can’t stop it, but we can slow it down.

The premier has been dreadfully concerned about the numbers today. And our healthcare systems are becoming overwhelmed by the number of cases. Keeping social distancing is the best way to slow the rapidity of the spread so that the hospitals will be more able to cope with this.

This is all we can do right now, since we don’t have any medication that can help, and we will have no vaccine for at least a year.

Therefore, social distancing, hand washing, and mask are the best courses for the time being.

No matter who is symptomatic, a small or the big city, self-absorbed in calm Ontario is everywhere.

The whole family shows up at grocery stores, malls, and Costco. Most of the municipalities had to block off parks and waterfalls, even sections of trails and lakes. But still, many bad apples breaking the bylaw policies.

Such is human nature. But even with a month of sequestration, who knows, we may have a second or third wave.

We cannot control it because we cannot control people, yes, because of the few bad apples.

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