Another Successful Annual Vaisakhi on the Hill – Ms. Ruby Sahota

Ottawa, Ontario – Ms. Ruby Sahota, Member of Parliament for Brampton North, was delighted to co-host another Annual Vaisakhi on the Hill celebration. Guests attended the event on Parliament Hill from all across Canada.
The celebration began in the morning, on Vaisakhi day, with an Akhand Paath. Today, the Akhand Paath da Bhog was followed by Kirtan and then Langar for all those who attended.
“Last year, the focus of Vaisakhi on the Hill was to celebrate the vibrant contributions of Sikhs to Canada over the last 150 years. This year, Vaisakhi on the Hill celebrated the Sikh values of equality, unity, selfless service and social justice,” said MP Ruby Sahota. “Next week, we mark the 36th Anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Just as the creation of the Khalsa defines Sikhism, the Charter defines our country. Both are engrained in a foundation of defending individual rights and freedoms.”
Once again, the Vaisakhi celebrations, which were organized by the Sikh Members of Parliament, received praise from the Sikh communities in Canada and from around the world.

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