Arpan Khanna: a glimmer of hope for the Conservatives

By: Surjit Singh Flora

When Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney arrived in the Greater Toronto Area last week in support of the Conservative party’s candidates, there was a general buzz in the newspapers that he was here to strengthen Andrew Shear. Few people will know that Jason Kenney announced his support to come to Brampton in June 2019 to mobilize voters in favor of Conservative candidate Arpan Khanna from Brampton North. Raising the voice in favor of Jason Kenney’s dedication is no excuse, but it can be said to be part of the dedication of years of hard work for the surrender party.

 Arpan Khanna is a young man who inherited the politics from the Gupta family and his commitment to the Conservative Party has been around since he was still a university student. There is a lot of commitment in the Punjabi community regarding the dedication of the famous family of Raikot, the famous town of Punjab. He is a sociable and hardworking young man who has the experience of holding several positions at the federal and provincial levels, besides practicing law.

In the Conservative Party’s organizational structure, Aparn has worked in two positions alongside former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former immigration minister Jason Kenney, along with several other senior leaders. This includes working as a Senior Regional Advisor to the Minister of Multiculturalism and the Minister of National Defense.

 Aparna Khanna says he is familiar with Brampton North’s Riding, because he was also born in this riding where he lives with his family till now. He has a hard-working team of volunteers working day and night to deliver his message home.

In addition to be a good speaker, Arpen, one of five Conservative candidates from other riding in Brampton, is a leader who has a clear reputation in the community and who has a deep understanding of the issues facing the community as well as their solutions. As a lawyer, he has reasoning and a best knowledge.

According to Arpan Khanna, he did not come into politics with any purpose, but politics has been an integral part of his life from an early age. This means he is not a seasoned politician but a person who wants to do something for the community. He hopes that voters in Brampton North will send him to Ottawa, where he will benefit from his long political experience in the interest of the Brampton North Riding residents and as a wonderful shareholder team for the betterment of all Canadians.

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