Automated speed cameras arrive in Mississauga


The long-awaited push to curb speeding motorists in Mississauga finally reached a milestone Monday, as the city announced plans to install its first two Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras. Signs were placed earlier this week letting residents know about the two new camera sites, which will be installed at Morning Star Drive (between Lancaster Avenue/Netherwood Road) in Ward 5, and Sawmill Valley Drive (between Folkway Drive and Grosvenor Place) in Ward 8, which will be installed in the near future.

The automated cameras, which have been installed at several sites in Brampton and Caledon, enforce speed limits in pedestrian and school zones which have experienced a high frequency of speeding motorists. The cameras take a photograph of the speeding vehicle’s licence plate and mail a ticket to the associated address.

 The city continues to experience dangerous instances of speeding in multiple neighbourhoods, which motivated the decision to install the cameras, said Ward 9 councillor Pat Saito, who chairs the city’s Road Safety Committee. “We know that speeding is a serious problem on our roads and that we need to take action to get people to slow down,” said Saito.

“Our residents deserve safer streets and ASE is one of the tools we can use to help move the needle in the right direction so that we’re not just issuing tickets – we’re helping to change behaviour.” Additional locations planned for camera installation include Cedar Creek Drive (between Runningbrook and Lexicon Drive) in Ward 3, Mississauga Valley Boulevard (between Voltarie Crescent and Silver Creek Boulevard) in Ward 4, Whitehorn Avenue (between Weir Chase and Pickwick Drive)in Ward 6 and Old Derry Road (between Second Line West and Gooderham Estate Boulevard) in Ward 11. In a statement, the city said staff will assess the feasibility of increasing the number of cameras and the possibility of implementing cameras on different types of roadways that are designated community safety zones. “We are serious about getting drivers to slow down and are taking concrete action to make our roads safer for everyone,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

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