Bains simply abandoned the Titanic before it sank While Sangha the iceberg?

Brampton Center MP Ramesh Sangha has been expelled from the Liberal Caucus.
Sangha, a lawyer by profession, was first elected Liberal MP in 2015. He has in the past accused the Liberal Party of patronizing Sikh separatists.
Sangha was ousted from the caucus Monday, after concerns about his statements were brought to the attention of Liberal Whip Mark Holland and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Citing that “necessary steps were taken,” Holland said in an email statement that Sangha was removed in regards to his comments, citing “dangerous and unfounded rhetoric about Parliamentarians or other Canadians.”
In a recent interview with Y Media, Sangha leveled serious allegations against now ex-Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, who stepped back from his role earlier this month.
While Bains said the reason for leaving politics was to spend more time with his family, Sangha expressed surprise at Bains’ decision and said neither he nor the community was digesting it.
At the same time, talking about Bains’ background, Sangha claimed that when someone is “an extremist and a Khalistani, is he fit to be a minister?”
He said that there were some reasons why Bains had to resign from his ministry, suggesting ulterior motives or collusion.
Even in the past, Sangha accused his party of backing the Khalistanis.
In 2019, Sangha accused the Liberal government of “pandering” to Sikh separatists in a way that threatened to derail Canada’s relationship with India.
For his part, Sangha said in an interview Wednesday with The Hill Times that his comments were taken out of context, and that he was only informed of the decision Monday afternoon during a Zoom meeting with Trudeau, who was allegedly joined by party president Suzanne Cowan and Holland, though other sources allege that other members of the Liberal leadership were also present during the call.
“Small points have been taken out of the whole context.,” Sangha told The Hill Times on Wednesday. “Whichever they feel this is good for them, they are considering that. Rest, they left out.”

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