Brampton introduces new tech for faster, more efficient parking enforcement

Parking enforcement vehicles with a new suite of upgrades will be patrolling Brampton streets beginning next month, the city has revealed.
Brampton enforcement vehicles outfitted with an automatic licence plate reader (ALPR) will start patrolling the city beginning next month, with the new technology planned to boost parking spot availability, support the safe passage of plows and emergency vehicles on Brampton streets, and over the long term, work to reduce congestion. The new vehicles will also promote faster and more efficient parking enforcement.
In a statement, the city revealed that the cameras will help identify common parking infractions, and will notify officers to create a penalty notice in response. Areas with high numbers of reports regarding vehicles being parked for extended periods of time will be the initial focus of the rollout.
“Illegal parking reduces the spots available to others, and can also pose a safety risk when emergency vehicles and snow plows cannot pass through streets easily,” Mayor Patrick Brown said Wednesday. “The new ALPR vehicle supports our priority of being a well‐run city, addressing illegal parking and paving the way for safer roads.”
Brown also added that the city would be open to learning from the effectiveness of the new initiative and make adjustments for the future.
Access to photographs captured by the ALPR cameras, which include images of licence plate numbers, will be strictly controlled and subject to audit, said the city.

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