Brampton seeks local feedback for recovery

Residents looking forward to the recovery and reopening of local business in Brampton will have the chance to make views known in the coming weeks, as the city gears up to host consultations on what the next steps will be.

The city announced Tuesday that the Mayor’s Reopening and Recovery Working Group, one of several convened in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, has begun community engagement to ensure that the reopening meets the service and safety needs of the public and staff.

The group will organize consultations with local community groups, businesses and specific user groups to solicit feedback, with the first consultation set to be held tomorrow (May 13) with local sports groups. The working group will be led by Brampton councillor Martin Medeiros in collaboration with the Brampton Emergency Management Office, and will advise on a phased return for city-owned properties, businesses and employers to reopen in an organized, supportive and safe fashion.

“We’re relying on the community’s continued support and feedback as we move forward in this process,” Medeiros said Tuesday, noting that he was looking forward to having meaningful discussions with City stakeholders that will help shape the city’s plans and ensure a comprehensive approach. Residents are also invited to share their feedback by participating in a newly launched Reopening and Recovery survey available online, or by connecting through email at Since the onset of COVID-19, the City has significantly changed its service and program delivery, said the city’s chief administrative officer.

“Looking towards the eventual reopening and resumption of operations, our focus remains the same – our community’s wellbeing,” said David Barrick. “Our aim is to carefully balance the needs of residents and all City stakeholders while prioritizing health and safety.”

For more information on the City’s response to COVID-19, visit ID19

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