Brampton to boost the city’s tree canopy and help with climate change

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More than 8,000 trees will be planted across Brampton to boost the city’s tree canopy and help with climate change, the federal government announced Wednesday.

Federal representatives and city officials were on-hand at Chinguacousy Park in Brampton to make the announcement, which will see the city receive $1,280,000 through the Two Billion Trees program for various planting initiatives.

The funding, announced by Brampton East MP Maninder Sidhu, Brampton West MP Kamal Khera and Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, aims to contribute to the rehabilitation of the city’s urban tree canopy via planting initiatives at various sites, including sidewalks, naturalization sites, parks and other locations.

“Planting trees across Canada, including right here in Brampton, will help us reach our 2030 climate targets and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050,” said Maninder — a nod to federal efforts to fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 12 megatons annually by 2050. “(This) initiative will provide the residents of Brampton with cleaner air and expanded forest canopy for greater shade, as well as creating green jobs. I am so thrilled about this investment, as it will have an impact on this generation as well as generations to come.”

The program will create up to 4,300 jobs, and seeks to have all trees planted by 2050.

“Today’s announcement shares the importance of partnerships from different levels of government to work together to achieve our goals to build a greener future,” Brown said, shortly before joining other representatives in planting trees to recognize the occasion.

“Brampton has illustrated a long-standing, continued commitment and leadership role with respect to the stewardship of its urban forest and trees. That is why protecting and enhancing (the city’s) urban forest is a main pillar of our sustainability and climate efforts.”

The city has made similar announcements to spur climate change efforts over recent years, including the rollout of a new environmental master plan and energy/emissions reduction plan, with a larger goal to build one million trees in the city by 2040.

The city also announced plans earlier this year to designate September as “Brampton Tree Month,” with the goal of raising awareness of trees and building civic engagement through community initiatives and environmental stewardship, added Brown.

“Much is underway in Brampton to help truly make our city green, and this funding will help us achieve those goals,” said Brown.

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