Car racing crackdown in Heartland

A massive street racing meetup drew a firestorm of negative reaction from local residents this past weekend, after Peel Regional Police handed out more than 100 tickets to participants. The participants of the street race met in the Heartland Town Centre in north Mississauga in the late evening of May 22, and were subsequently busted by officers, who gave out 112 tickets for failing to respect current social distancing guidelines. In total, 370 cars were stopped at the event, and two criminal charges were laid, said a Peel Police spokesperson.

The charges come as the province grapples with increased street racing activities caused by a lack of traffic on roads during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The by-law enforcement was a joint effort by Mississauga and Brampton enforcement officers, said Peel Police Inspector Taufic Saliba, who posted photos from the operation on social media. “(The) Bylaw officers educated motorists and enforced traffic laws and social distancing,” said Saliba. “Making sure that citizens can travel on our roads safely.” (Photo Courtesy of Peel Regional Police)

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