City of Brampton 2020 Budget Boasts “$ZERO” local Property Tax increase

Putting the community first: enhancing services, preparing for the future

By: Surjit Singh Flora

​​BRAMPTON, “Zero” is the magic number, for the second year in a row, City of Brampton councilors has been able to deliver a zero per cent increase its city property taxes for the 2020 budget, accomplished through a net expenditure increase of $ 47 million at a Special Council Meeting on Feb 26 and its largest-ever contribution to reserves in the City’s history.”     

The Budget includes Key investment through levies in infrastructure and transit to continue meeting the needs of a growing city, Brampton mayor Patrick Brown said Wednesday as budget talks concluded. The total increase to the tax bills of Brampton residents will only increase a 1.3 per cent property tax levy by Peel Region, as passed last month.

watering the city to Grow more larger

Stormwater charges, assessment growth, and revenue growth will be used to power the $47 million increase in expenditures, while a future $110 million will be contributed to the City’s reserves to strengthen its financial position.

In total, the 2020 budget runs at approximately $977 million, which includes a $22 million capital budget that provides for several major projects, including $9.8 million towards the improvement of local sports fields, trails, and playgrounds over the next three years. $52 million for Bus purchases, including electric variants: $650,000 over the next three years to boost the city photo radar presence in community safety zones and $41 million in upgrades to transportation and Roads.

This Budget ensures that City programs and service levels are maintained or increased; levies are continued to keep the City infrastructure at sustainable levels; and that investments continue to build opportunities for economic growth and job creation.

Consultations were held with residents, including four days of in-person, with key stakeholders and residents as well as a phone-in from town hall which attracted more than 7,500 listeners said  Paul Vicente, Regional Councillor, Wards 1&5; Vice-Chair, Budget Committee Our Council is proud of the result that ensures the City is maximizing value for our taxpayers now and into the future.” he added

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