City of Brampton extend residents and businesses ability to defer taxes and waives all penalties until August 19

BRAMPTON, ON (May 4, 2020) – The City of Brampton continues to allow residents and businesses to defer taxes for the five-month period of March 18 to August 19 with no interest and late payment fee. This is for the Interim Tax Bill that was mailed in January.
The deferral program was introduced on March 21 in response to COVID-19.

Anyone that hasn’t already contacted the City for cancelling the pre-authorized tax payment and wishes to do so for the May and June installments must fill out the online form on the City website to submit their request. In order to resume the pre-authorized tax payment at a later date, the payment holder will need to re-apply to the City.
For those whose taxes are paid as part of their mortgage, they must contact their mortgage provider and determine whether they can cancel the tax payment. The mortgage provider must advise the City to remove the resident/business from their listing.
Tax deferral does not mean tax cancellation. All deferred amounts must be received by the City before August 19, to avoid penalties and interest from accruing on any overdue balance at that time. Taxpayers have the option of making smaller payments or a lump sum amount to clear any overdue taxes before the August 19 deadline. In early July, the City will issue a Final Tax Bill with payment due dates of September 23, October 21 and November 18.

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