Could Trump end up behind bars?

By Surjit Flora

Since Trump Took Office as a President of the United States, powerful nations have always been embroiled on some issues.

The chaos in the US House of Representatives during the sealing of the presidential election resulted in a backlash from Trump supporters, weakening the United States’ claim that it was the world’s most vigorous democracy.

President Donald Trump is responsible for the unpredictable violence inside and outside the US Congress, in which five people, including a security guard, were killed and several others injured because there is good reason to believe that he killed his supporters. Not accepting the election results and opposing them.

Due to his violent behaviour, Twitter permanently suspended his accounts. How his conduct violated the President’s dignity is evident from his aides’ resignations and the open criticism of him by many Republican leaders.

Although Trump has denied the results since the election was announced in November last year, no one expected him to obstruct the peaceful transfer of power and the vice president. Will put pressure on and provoke his supporters so openly. After the violence in the US Congress, Trump may have been ready for a peaceful transfer of power, but the way he was condemned, His example is hard to find.

They are responsible for their own condemnation. Trump will be known as the worst and most unnecessary President in US history. He was embroiled in controversy even before he became President. It was believed that he would improve his behaviour after his unexpected victory and rise and fall under the President’s dignity, but he refused to do so.

Throughout his tenure, he continued to make controversial decisions. All of his decisions have been such that not only has his reputation as President been tarnished, but his image on the world stage has also been adversely affected.

He rejected the Paris Climate Accord and said that there was no such thing as global warming. This attitude of ignoring the truth was also seen during the coronavirus infection.

Initially, he denied that Covid-19 caused by the coronavirus was a serious illness. The U.S suffered greatly as a result. In addition to withdrawing from a number of international agreements, Trump has also worked to exclude the United States from key United Nations bodies such as UNESCO and the World Health Organization. As a result, these institutions have been weakened. He came under increasing pressure from China, with which he struggled to cope.

Trump tries to run America as a business company, and this is the illusion. There is a big difference between the country and the company. Trump’s portrayal of dictatorship in the behaviour of the United States, where America has abolished slavery practices, it is challenging to raise originalism,

Many of Trump’s other nonsense have caught people’s attention from time to time. He often quarrelled with many foreign leaders. Trump spoke out against the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, at a world-class conference in Canada.

Donald Trump did not have a political background. He was known as an industrialist. What’s more, his image as an industrialist has been shrouded in controversy. It is a mystery why the Republican Party nominated him for the presidency. If Trump’s image has tarnished the United States’ image, it is partly due to the Republican Party, which has fielded him despite having no political experience.

The Republican Party ignored all the allegations against Trump. When he became President, it was hoped that he would act in a slightly different way, but hardly anyone expected him to show arbitrariness and disregard common political etiquette. At times, they were seen making decisions out of curiosity and then reversing them. He did many things that made everyone laugh. It isn’t easy to find an example of how he removed many of his top allies as President. He often tweeted them to remove them, and when it comes to the media, he twists his words.

During his four-year tenure, he repeatedly replaced many of the people he had appointed to important positions. He not only quarrelled with the media but also levelled allegations against them. Republicans indeed emphasize the “America First” policy than Democrats, but Trump has taken this policy to a different level.

In the cycle of overemphasizing this policy, he has put the United States and the world in trouble. He struck a deal with the Taliban, who posed a threat to Afghanistan, even when they were unwilling to end the violence. It is clear that it will not be easy for Joe Biden to make up for the losses caused by Trump’s wrong decisions. He will have to work hardest to fill the gap left in American society by Donald Trump.

The way Trump has encouraged white supremacists has done a lot of damage to the United States socially. The tragedy was that when black people took to the streets to protest the police’s violent behaviour, Trump took no initiative to reassure them. Because now there is no obstacle for Biden to become President.

So, Trump will leave the White House on January 20, or he might be removed by force any of these days, but still, he will leave behind a past that Americans would like to forget.

Of course, this will not be easy because Trump has done much more harm to the United States with his decisions. It would be better for Republican leaders to resolve that they will not make the mistake of promoting a leader like them again. It is not true that many Republican leaders are still standing with Trump and believing that the election was rigged. It should not be overlooked that even after softening his temper, Trump is refusing to attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony.

Who knows by the ceremony he might be behind bars -in jail?

Surjit Singh Flora is a veteran journalist and freelance writer based in Canada.

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