Council moves Riverwalk project one step further

One of Brampton’s biggest environmental projects has moved one step closer to completion. The city announced Tuesday that it would be moving to complete a Flood Protection Environmental Assessment on the long-planned Riverwalk project, which aims to widen the Etobicoke Creek running through the city’s downtown core.

The project, which is dependent upon government funding, would see the river widened in an effort to reduce flooding risks and improve nearby foundations in the area. The project is aimed to revitalize the city’s downtown core, said Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown. “Riverwalk is a transformational project (that will) put Brampton on the map for its innovative and impactful solution to mitigating flood risk, gene r a t i n g development and creating jobs, and improving public space for all to enjoy,” Brown said after the meeting Tuesday.

According to a statement by the city, the project envisions a remade Etobicoke Creek that boasts public spaces and parks in and beside the city’s downtown core, connected by a trail system and valley corridor. The project is expected to create more than 23,000 jobs and unlock 3.6 million square feet in mixed-use space, but is contingent upon provincial funding. “Not only will the Riverwalk project reduce the risk of flooding in downtown Brampton, but it will play a key part in helping us realize our priority of being a city of opportunities by generating urban growth and development and attracting investment in the area,” said Wards 7 & 8 councillor Pat Fortini, who chairs the city’s Public Works and Engineering committe. “This transformational initiative will ensure downtown Brampton is sustainable, healthy and resilient, and an enjoyable space for all who live and visit there.”

Opportunities are planned for community consultation over the coming months. More information can be found by visiting the project website at

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