BRAMPTON, ON (Nov 20, 2019) – City Council today approved an interim control by-law (ICBL) to temporarily prohibit the registration and creation of new group homes and supportive housing facilities in a section of the city.

As a result, the City will not register any new group homes (type 1 or type 2) or accept applications for supportive housing facilities in the area bounded by Highway 410, Bovaird Drive, Dixie Road and Queen Street. This area is known as ‘Area 10’ of Schedule D of the City’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law (270-2004). The ICBL will be in effect until May 20, 2020.

At Council’s direction, the City recently began a comprehensive review of group homes and supportive housing facilities. At the Planning and Development meeting on November 18, Councillors expressed concern that registering new group home applications before the review is complete could impede the City’s long-term planning objectives, meant to address the needs of all Brampton residents.

What is a group home?

A group home is a supportive housing facility that provides supervised accommodation for 4 to 10 individuals living in a single housekeeping unit. Due to their emotional, mental, social or physical condition or legal status, residents require a group living arrangement for their well-being.

The City breaks group homes into two categories – Type 1 and Type 2. A breakdown of the difference between the two categories can be found on page 11.1.24 of the report here. Group homes are generally overseen by the Province.

What is not prohibited by the ICBL?

•           Any group homes and supportive housing facilities located outside the area described as ‘Area 10’ above

•           Any group homes and supportive housing facilities within ’Area 10’ that lawfully exist as of November 20 as long as they continue to be used for their intended purpose

•           All retirement homes, nursing homes and senior citizen residences as long as their use is listed as a permitted use in the applicable area

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