Deal between Government and Ontario High School Teachers’ Union Reached

The deal was finally reached between the Ontario High School Teachers’ Union and the provincial government. The details of this deal have not yet been disclosed.

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (SSTA), which represents 60,000 public high school teachers and education workers, said Monday that local leaders will evaluate the deal in the coming days. Union members will be inducted in May.

President Harvey Bishop said in a statement that although all of our concerns are not resolved with this agreement, we understand the environment in which we are now living and we also know that after the termination of this emergency, the students A stable environment will be needed. He said the situation was very different now. When we started the conversation a year ago, no one had speculated that we would have to face such a situation.

Provincial home school halls are closed until May 4. This has been done to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Premier Doug Ford has also indicated that the shutdown could be further enhanced if conditions do not improve.

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