Engaging your children in arts and crafts – a tale of creativity

By: Surjit Singh Flora

The next time you see your child coloring, drawing pictures or mak­ing things with paper, don’t ask: “What are you doing?”

This child may just let his cre­ativity flow with­out any special ideas to consider. They are not afraid of anything and are not aware of the end result.

As a parent, you should remember that coloring out­side of lines is a beautiful art. En­gaging in arts and crafts is essential to children’s lives.

Enhance motor skills: When chil­dren are engaged in handicrafts, they will use their fingers to color, draw, cut and paint.

Their grip on things is greatly improved, and the use of small muscles in their hands increases, leading to motor skills and coordi­nation.

Improve self-es­teem: Children will feel proud and satisfied after they finish draw­ing or coloring the picture book. It has increased their confidence and confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Not only that, but arts and crafts can also en­able children to improve their vo­cabulary by learning the names of the ma­terials used and the shapes they create.

They started to use the words they knew in the sentence, which also improved their pronuncia­tion skills.

In addition, arts and crafts can also enable chil­dren to develop and enhance their creativity. They have the opportu­nity to explore, innovate and cre­ate new things. The more art­works they pro­duce, the greater their creativity.

When children see something, like a picture, shape, or thing, they will try to create a copy of it. For this, they will have to remem­ber the appear­ance to be drawn. It improves the design and mem­ory in their minds.

Here’s one of the creative activ­ities coloured by Gurleen Flora, a grade 6 student in Brampton Canada ; she did a great job to shape the shoe and show her artistic talent. And she got 4/4 marks and a smil­ing face.

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