Father’s Day My heart sinks for Michael

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By: Surjit Singh Flora

On Sunday, we are celebrating Father’s Day. But Father Michael, where he is going to get a warm, loving hug, a gift full of love and compassion from his three daughters.

On Thursday, June 18, a multiple car collision at the intersection of Torbram Rd. and Countryside Dr. in Brampton took the lives of Michael’s loving wife Karolina, 37, and his three young daughters Mila, 1, Liliana, 4, and Clara, 6.

This is beyond heartbreaking; it is painful, a horrible loss.  There are no words that describe the pain and sorrow.

My heart sinks for Michael (husband and father) as his whole world just shattered in seconds.

The father is Godlike support for the children, and the world changes as soon as he sees his child’s appearance for the first time. The journey of responsibilities begins with the provision of his livelihood, irrespective of the sun and shade.

He unites day and night to beautify their moments because he sees his childhood and future.

But Father Michael, who is he going to guide and make acquainted with the world now.

Father becomes a teacher and teaches discipline. And as a guru imparts knowledge. He also becomes a friend and stands like a rock in times of trouble. That is why it said that a father is more than a hundred teachers, no matter how many relationships are put together. But Father Michael lost everything, his wife, and the children.

For this reason, there is no need to add any adjective to the word ‘father’. Under his thinking, the existence, beliefs, and dreams of the children take shape. But with Michael, he might get lots of dreams for his loving daughters, but there is nothing left to shape and fulfill the dreams .

The purpose of father’s life is to give, and he knows how to sacrifice for his children in times of trouble, and history is witness to this. But nothing is left for Michael to sacrifice.

On this day, every child should give a gift of love, respect, honour and sincere feelings to their father. Such efforts transmit new strength and energy to him. You can also give gifts to your father as needed… but, sadly, Michael will be in pain, tears, as none of his daughters will be around to wish him Happy Father’s Day or give him a gift.

My story is the other way around. I lost my dad. He passed away in 1986. He was a wonderful father to us, six children. My mother taught us to obey, have good manners, to be honest, study hard, help other people, work hard, and do well in school.

My father taught us to be kind to people.

This is the only day that I actually hate. I lost my father at a young age, and I miss him every day even more. Even growing old, I feel like I need my dad with me even more.

I want to feel the warmth and protection of a father, but I cannot. I want someone to hold me, hug me. When I see how everyone simply adores their dads, gives them presents on Father’s Day and wishes them longevity and happiness, I also want to do this, but who can I give my Father’s Day gifts and cards?

It seems like both of us are in the same pain and sorrow; no one around to give or take a Father’s Day gift and hug us.

Where can we get warm, loving hugs? Life is short, and the people we love and those who have made so many sacrifices for us are taken away from us so early.

In fact, so early, we can’t even tell them how much we love them. But I guess they are the ones whom even God loves so very much.

Happy Father’s Day !

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