Govt under pressure to release proof of surgical strikes

Pressure is being gradually built on the government to release proof of surgical strikes conducted across the Line of Control (LoC). It is not just Opposition parties here that are demanding the government to release some proof to authenticate its claims, some international media houses are also acting sceptical.Starting with Pakistan, which has denied from the get go that India conducted these strikes, The Washington Post has reported from the ground that residents of the Bhimber, Chamb and Sahma districts adjoining the LoC have denied seeing any people or movement across the LoC.In another story run by The New York Times from Kashmir, residents of the Mandhole village are also quoted as being doubtful of the surgical strikes with some villagers openly claiming that Indian soldiers never crossed the LoC and there was only cross-border fire exchange.Even the reports carried by CNN and Al Jazeera are not very favourable to India’s position. The BBC is one of the media houses whose reporters the Pakistan army had taken to the LoC to show that the Indian claims of a surgical strike were false and the BBC report from the Pakistani side of the LoC seems to belie the Indian claims.The fact that the Pakistan army took local and foreign media to Baghsar and Tatta Pani, two of the areas where India claims to have hit in a surgical strike, and apparently showed them proof to the contrary should be a worrisome fact for India.For India, international credibility is important and though Pakistan’s doubts are always easy to dismiss as being mere hitting back at India, the reports of credible international media houses will be harder to ignore.Most Opposition parties in India, including AAP and some factions of the Congress, are also demanding some evidence of surgical strikes by India. The government is soon likely to face a situation where it will have to release some evidence to back its claims.The good part for India is that most nations of the world have not criticised it for conducting these strikes with many even terming them as counter-terror operations. So the goodwill of the international community stays with India, but as questions are raised about the authenticity of the claims, it might be a good idea to put out evidence quickly and end the debate.

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