Hate Motivated Crimes Are Attacks for Just ‘Being’

Hate or bias motivated crimes are especially difficult for communities. They are personal attacks that go beyond individual conflict. The offense is upon the existence of the person about matters beyond their control. The attack on the victim, in reality, is an attack just for ‘being’. These crimes and incidents negatively impact not only the direct victim but any person who belongs to the same group to which the victim identifies.  The ripple effects, including fear and alienation, stretch beyond the local community and often have an international reach.

Confusion about what constitutes a hate crime can often add to the negative impact. There are often questions surrounding what freedom of speech really means and when it may cross over into hate speech.

Peel Regional Police is committed to public safety, and the overall well-being of our community. Education about these topics as well as outlining the importance of calling the police to report incidents motivated by hate or bias are some of the ways that can empower victims or members of the identified community which can set healing into motion.

Visit our website to watch the video that explains Hate or Bias Motivated Crimes.

Here at Peel Regional Police, we offer a program where victims receive necessary support and reassurance as well as follow-up services from members of our Equity and Inclusion Bureau. The empathetic and supportive nature of this process has made victims feel safer and more supported, reducing anxiety and fears that are commonly associated with hate-based incidents.

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