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What is reality? It is the moment we are living in. Each day it changes, but lately it has been changing in a big way. This year has changed us so much. Reality is actually based on our subjective experience. Whatever we observe is instantly real to us. It can also be based on the opinions and observations made by a group of people. A few individuals may decide on an interpretation of an event, and this can spread across entire societies and becomes a consensual truth.

Lately we have had so many experts telling us the meaning of what is happening. Do we believe them or not? That is one part of where our version of reality comes in. Our sense of reality is based on how our basic survival needs have been met. Our sense of ourselves is intrinsic to how we feel and interpret reality. Every millisecond, we are part of our version of “reality” or what we see in our world. All our lives we have been guided to interpret our happenings, and now so many years later, we still interpret it the same way.

We have been through different happenings which have altered our perception, but mostly the original theories are still within us. What do we believe? Do we believe that nothing is going to be better or do we build on what we know we can alter? So much of what we think alters how we feel and deal with every day matters. How do we approach life? Do we have a wish or hope for the future? Do we just get up every day and just walk through life? Do we see things and observe or just judge? How and why do we judge? Can we just observe?

Not everything will be what we want, but we can adapt to it and make the best of it. Our reality is based on how we feel? Do we feel we are capable of making a better world for ourselves and others? I always say that we are meant to walk our own path and so are others. Even our friends and families walk their own paths and make their own conceptual lives. We all come together because we are related, but each of us lives our own lives and beliefs. It depends on what each of us has gone through in our lives. Life goes on, and so do we.

It is how we feel that makes a difference. Look, feel and listen to what is around you but just see what is there. Live your lives as best as you can. It matters to you, so let matters become more real by observing them. Reality is that – how do we see what is already there. It changes every moment and day. It is the moment we are living. What will be will be and what was, was. Moments are lost when we lose someone or something which is what has been happening lately. It is part of life itself. Now we have to recover and learn a new reality. Meditation helps because it helps you observe and not get you caught up with everything that is out there. Being observing or mindful helps you react and interpret differently. It also helps you relax so you understand not everything needs a reaction from you.

Go take a walk in nature. It will teach you that nature takes care of itself as long as we let it be. Grass grows and flowers bloom. Animals get on with what they need. Just enjoy the fact that you can stand back and just observe nature and let it be. So, our new reality is just that. It is what we see in it. Every moment it changes and once we realize we have been dealing with reality all our lives we can approach our sense of it better. Relax and find what you can change and what you can’t.

The Serenity Prayer says it all. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Even in this new reality, realize you still have to power to realize what can be. Live what is now and know that what comes will be better because we are. As a commercial says “Better days are coming,” so don’t give up hope

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