Inconsistent regulations and business rules dampen COVID-19 recovery


According to experts, the second wave of the COVID-19 Coronavirus has started in Canada, and it could become fatal in the coming winter season.

In winter, people often get the flu, also known as the common cold. This causes runny nose, cough, mucus, and fever etc. This symptom, which is similar to the symptoms of COVID-19 can =- and is creating a climate of fear.

Residents lined up for hours this past week at assessment sites throughout Peel and the GTA in order to get tested, causing additional concern from families going into the coldest season. It will be difficult for the general public and institutions to understand whether the sick person is a victim of the common cold or COVID-19.

The COVID-19 test will be needed immediately to find the real disease, but the physical distancing from home and outside will have to be made by people before they get tested. Not only in Canada but around the globe, the second wave of COVID-19 has started, and many countries in Europe have also been affected. “Corona cases” have increased in all major Canadian provinces, including Ontario.

 In addition to our province, there has been a worrying increase in COVID-19 strikes in Quebec, B.C. and Alberta. The Ontario government has reduced the limit on gatherings in Toronto, the Peel Region and Ottawa in response to the growing disease.

 These three areas are the hottest spots for the virus. Now the limit for indoor gatherings has been reduced to 10 people, down from 50, and the limit for outdoor gatherings has been reduced to 25 persons, which was earlier at 100.

According to Premier Doug Ford, the limit will not apply to commercial establish e n t s , restaurants, cinemas, banquet halls, gyms and religious institutions. This means that if the wedding is at home, the indoor 10- and outdoor 25-person limits will apply, but if the wedding is in a banquet hall, restaurant, or religious institution, this limit will not be in effect.

Toronto Mayor John Tory has backed the new move but said it would be better if stricter weddings were held, which would not be possible if they were held outside the home. The Tories also mentioned a wedding in which 23 people were found to be COVID-19 victims.

Different marriage ceremonies have taken place in two houses, a gurdwara and a temple. Basically, banquet halls, restaurants or religious places are the main ones to put the COVID-19 cap on. People have become very obsessed now and are gathering in their homes. Many banquet halls, restaurants and places of worship are also being used carelessly. It has also been seen that two to three sections of halls with ‘partitions’ are being booked under different names, and then the partition is quietly opened.

Social distance and masks are not worn by many people. Violators in Ontario can be fined up to $10,000 for organizing the event and $750 per person for participating under the new provincial rules. The federal government has turned a blind eye to international flights, and Corona victims arrive every day. Colleges are closed, but planes full of international students are landing.

Many colleges are issuing letters saying that some of their courses cannot be done online, so many international students are arriving in Canada. Many international students are also using the lack of internet access in their home country as an excuse.

A large-scale manipulation is taking place, but the Trudeau government is watching the spectacle in silence. As the second wave of COVID-19 has started in Canada, once again, government negligence is raging.

The quarantine rules are also being flouted, and due to failure, these rules have been selectively enforced. It’s time for consistency. Lives are depending on it.

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