Let’s Take the Grinch out of Holiday Shopping

Can you believe that we are already halfway through November? That can mean one definite thing, that the winter holidays are fast approaching. With the onset of these holidays, many of us enjoy the thrill of giving and receiving gifts. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or any other festivus in the month of December, you are likely going to be doing some shopping. Unfortunately, so will the Grinch.

Peel Regional Police have some great tips on how to keep the Grinch from taking advantage of all of your hard work and savings in an attempt to ruin your holidays.

To start, Mr. and/or Mrs. Grinch may mischievously try to take your purse, wallet or handbag right out from under your nose while you are out doing your hectic and heartfelt holiday shopping.  Along with keeping your money sack close and secure, we at Peel Regional Police have a helpful video for thwarting this naughtiness; How do I Protect My Purse?.

What if you have already done some shopping and have now decided to store some of your treasures in your car, only to head back into the spending spree once more. Uh oh, did you forget to put those fab finds in the trunk? Mr. and Mrs. Grinch don’t mind. What they see is what they want. Keeping items out of sight is one tip to keep the Grinch’s at bay. The Peel Regional Police video How do I protect my car? contains a great strategy to avoid this misfortune.

Ok, so you’ve made it safely back to your cozy home without any other mishap and have started wrapping the tidbits and baubles you’ve purchased for the loved ones of your own little Whoville. Before the holidays commence however, you have many other errands to run and of course still have to go to work. How can you protect your goodies from Grinch going full bore into your home for a loot fest his usual way? The [CH1] video, How do I protect my home?     has a wealth of helpful tips for you to note. Outsmart old Grinchy by taking the Home Security Challenge too. Wouldn’t you like some peace of mind for the holidays? Peel Regional Police sure wants you to.

No matter what happens to your material things, the holidays will come around just the same;   

            “without ribbons…without tags…without packages, boxes or bags…Christmas doesn’t come from a store…Christmas means a little bit more” Dr. Seuss’.

For anyone feeling like being the Grinch this year, please feel free to watch this classic holiday film How the Grinch Stole Christmas. We at Peel Regional Police, as well as the fine members of this community, hope their heart grows three sizes so that everyone can have a happy holiday.

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