Local resident sounds the alarm over impact of cell towers in Peel


Does cellphone radiation cause cancer? That was the question posed by a Caledon resident recently, as she asked Peel Regional Council to delay a planned rollout of cellular towers in local areas until the technology is more fully understood. “The writing is on the wall… please pause the 5G roll out,” Cristina Zampiero said during her presentation, held on June 27 in regional council chambers. Zampiero cited research on Health Canada’s safety guidelines, international studies and public response as key indicators that the impact of cellular radiation is more than negligible, and could cause a host of health problems. “Cell towers placed too close to people violate our human right to protect our health… they violate our right not to be experimented on,” Zampiero said, citing a 2016 study by the National Institute of Health, conducted over a period of ten years, that showed radiation being higher than just thermal effects. “I certainly do not consent to a military-grade small cell facility on the light post outside Cellphone towers run the risk of causing a host of health benefits, including behavioral problems, cancer and infertility, Caledon resident Cristina Zampiero told regional council during a presentation late last month. The region is preparing a report, to be received this fall, which will outline the potential impact of 5G cell towers on residents. (Shutterstock) my front door,” Zampiero concluded. Caledon itself has seen telecommunications companies apply to build cellular towers in and around the downtown area over the last few years, echoing similar debates over the placement and frequency of towers in Brampton and Mississauga. Zampiero’s presentation has spurred one local daycare, the Caledon East Childcare Centre, to use hardwired equipment instead of wi-fi networks. The daycare’s executive director, Brenda McNairn, said it was the “right move” for them, and has inspired parents to do the same at their own homes. Laws have already passed banning 5G technology in countries across the world, including Australia, India, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Israel, Cyprus and Finland, said Zampiero, who also cited a recent safety bill passed in Oregon that restricted the usage of cellular towers near schools. Local governments simply haven’t caught up with scientific studies, and it’s on local representatives to study the issue and inform the public about the dangers of those networks. “The reality is that this is the greatest environmental and safety threat of our time. The public is getting sick and the government isn’t up to date with the science… hold wireless companies accountable for keeping their tech safe,” said Zampiero. Peel Public Health medical officer Jessica Hopkins told regional council after Zampiero’s presentation that a report on the potential effects of cellular towers on residents is currently being written, and is expected later this fall.

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