Mandatory to wear masks on Brampton Transit: Brown


In some parts of Peel Region, it will now be mandatory to wear a face mask when traveling in public transit, starting next month. Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown said Wednesday during a weekly press conference that from July 2, Brampton Transit passengers will be required to wear a face mask. He said it could be a non-medical mask or a scarf or other type of face covering.

The mayor also said he recommends that locals wear masks at bus stops, terminals and buses, where physical distancing is not always possible. “The reality is that a lot of people get to work on their cars,” Brown said Wednesday. He said that the city would do everything possible to keep all these passengers safe.

The news comes as Brampton Transit announced on the same day that fare payment and front boarding would also be reinstated on July 2. Riders are being encouraged to use their PRESTO card to pay their fare as a form of contactless payment, a city spokesperson said. “These additional safety measures for Brampton Transit staff and riders make sure that we keep ensuring that transit remains a safe option as the City takes critical steps for reopening our City.” said Ward 1 & 5 regional councillor Rowena Santos.

The city will also waive all expiry dates for active senior ID cards, while customer care counters at bus terminals will reopen prior to July 2. In a statement, the city said that the proposed 2020 fare changes have been deferred until further notice

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