New federal stats show Indian residents top list of permanent settlers

According to the latest figures from the Government of Canada, people from many countries of the world are continuing to reach Canada permanently throughout the year, but the number of Indian citizens has increased has seen a particular spike. During 2019, 341,000 permanent immigrants arrived in Canada from different countries, of which more than 25 per cent were from India, according to recent figures provided by the government. Of those, only 85,585 Indians received permanent immigration, which is slightly more than a fourth of the total population. India has become the leading country for immigration to Canada.

For the first time since 2018, more than three million people arrived in Canada for permanent settlement. From 2019 to 2021, the Government of Canada has set a target of issuing 330,800 permanent visas to foreigners each year, which were not only completed in 2019, but were issued more than permanent visas. Of those, 58 per cent are immigrants, 27 per cent of those who immigrated to Canada based on their educational qualifications and occupational experience, went into the family category, and 15 percent were refugees.

After India, China (30,260) came second to Canada, which is only 9 per cent (25 percent of India). Nigeria (12,595), the United States (10,800), Pakistan (10,790), Syria (10,120), Eritrea (7,025), South Korea (6,110) and Iran (6,055) are the top ten countries with published immigration rates. Last year, with the largest number of immigrants arriving in Canada, most of the immigrants chose Ontario (45 per cent) to live in. In Peel Region, census figures published in 2016 indicated that 35.5 per cent of the region’s were Indian, with 51.5 per cent of the region’s total population being immigrants.

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