No first-term report cards due to strike, school board says

Students in Peel may be out of luck when it comes to getting their first-term report cards, if ongoing strikes are anything to go by. The Peel District School Board revealed earlier this week that due to an ongoing work-torule campaign being conducted by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), report cards are unable to be issued for more than 100,000 elementary students in the system. “While regular assessment practices continue, this term, per job sanctions, elementary teachers are writing and providing marks, but are not inputting them electronically,” the board wrote in a statement Tuesday. “At this time, we are unable to provide parents/guardians with Term One report cards for elementary students.”

The strike also impacts Individual Education Plans (IEP). In their message to parents, the board said that while IEPs will be updated with goals and expectations, but are currently unable to be provided to families. “We know how important progress reports are to families and students, and that marks, learning skills and teacher comments are valued,” said Peel District School Board director of education Peter Joshua Tuesday. “At the same time, report cards are not the sole, nor are they the most important records of achievement data we have for your child/teen. They are simply one update on progress.” Responding to the decision to not issue report cards by multiple school boards, including Peel, Toronto and / York Region among others, Education Minister Stephen Lecce said that union leaders are risking student success and preventing parents from seeing valuable information about their child’s performance in class. “It underscores our government’s insistence that teacher union leaders cancel these strikes that are hurting our kids,” said Lecce, “and it only strengthens our belief that parents want our government to invest in front-line services, not in compensation and other demands, for some of the highest-paid educators in the country.”

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