On World Environment Day, let’s do our part to help our Earth

By: Surjit Singh Flora

World Environment Day is on June 5, with this year’s theme being “Ecosystem restoration.” This year, Pakistan will become the global host country for World Environment Day. This event will launch the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration.

Restoration Ecology is the science and art of rejuvenating the overexploited ecosystems to help regain their ecological function.

Restoring ecosystems means “helping to restore ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed.” It also includes the conservation of the ecosystems that are fragile or still intact.

The ecosystem can be restored in many ways. Planting trees is one of the easiest and best ways of caring for the environment. People also need to eliminate pressures on the environment. Urban and rural landscapes have different ways to adapt and restore ecosystems.

Also, the United Nations must raise environmental issues, such as deforestation, food waste, global warming, air pollution, etc., in order to raise people’s awareness of the environment.

At the same time, create a national awareness of environmental protection. There are many ways to protect the environment, such as promoting energy production through solar energy, focusing on forest management, reducing the impact of greenhouse gases, planting gardens, and using hydropower to increase power generation. To this end, just celebrate World Environment Day.

World Environment Day is an important event, as it recognizes a global movement to save our environment from various environmental challenges worldwide and encourages people worldwide. World Environment Day is celebrated every year, but the world takes the mindset of reducing pollution levels and stopping said levels from increasing every year.

Over the past 12 months, there has been some reduction in pollution due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which reduced our global carbon footprint as motorists and commuters stayed home masse.

Although this situation is temporary, we can improve our environment if we become aware of nature. One day, in the name of the surrounding air, water and climate, how can the environmental disturbances that we create throughout the year be rectified in one day?

A slight improvement in your year-round habits is essential to overcoming year-round distractions. If our small efforts in the environment continue throughout the year, the environment will be refined.

Let’s look at some of how the environment works and what we can do for our environment. Pay attention to the garbage used in the house; you will see various things in it. Paper, plastic, glass and even daily kitchen waste.

Try to give the recycling bin that can otherwise be sold to the scavenger. From there, they take the old stuff to the recycling center and then make new things from these and reach you.

Recycled plastic is used to make new goods. Paper, glass and metal products are also recycled. Late dispersal of waste by dumping it in the rubbish bin continues to damage the soil, water and air.

Almost everything can be reused. Try to buy reusable materials such as glass, paper, plastic or metal. All of these things can be reused. Empty jugs, bottles, broken glasses and many other items made of glass, old newspapers, waste paper, cardboard, which are no longer needed, should all be recycled and so they can be reused.

Global warming is also a significant concern at the moment. The things we are using on the earth are constantly raising the temperature.

The main reason for the rise in temperature is the smoke coming out of the factories. We can’t stop it, but we can change our needs a little bit. Minimize daytime lighting in your home. If it is dark in a room, opening a window can light up that room.

Turn off all electrical appliances in the house with the main button on the way out. In this way, electricity bills will be reduced, and coal will not have to be used to generate more electricity.

Plastic bags are polluting in cities — try recycling old cloth bags instead. A cloth bag is often reused. Instead of throwing away an old thing, think about using it a second time.

Making a new product by recycling an old product also consumes energy and is a better alternative to using the same tool repeatedly.

Water is life. Over time, clean and fresh water becomes more and more valuable. Whenever you brush, turn off the tap, use the least amount of water while bathing; use the washing machine only when there are too many clothes.

Oil and paint should not be dumped in drains because it eventually pollutes the sea through rivers.

Also, plant a plant and take responsibility for growing it. Wiping away the dust on the old bulb will work in the room with only one bulb instead of two. Install solar water heater in the house. Use its hot water to wash the dishes.

Also, if you spend money on all kinds of room fresheners and air purifiers, wait, you have an absolutely free alternative. It is better to open the doors and windows of the room for fresh air while than to apply room freshener repeatedly.

Not only that, stop buying products sold in plastic bottles or containers as far as possible. Buy products found in a glass or metal containers instead. Do not use plastic polythene while doing the grocery and shopping; instead, use a cloth bag.

While celebrating any birthday, wedding, anniversary at home, we should use household utensils or leaves instead of disposable plates.

Lastly, animal birds also have equal rights on this earth. Therefore, we should not destroy trees and plants around their habitat. Show kindness to the environment, and it will return the favour in kind.

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