PM Trudeau Wishes Happy Easter to Every Canadian Citizen

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued the following statement today on Easter:

“Today, my family and I join millions of Canadians and people around the world to celebrate Easter.

“Easter is the holiest day in the Christian calendar as it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his triumph over death.

“Usually, we mark this day by coming together at church, sharing meals with loved ones, or helping our children hunt for Easter eggs. This year, as we celebrate differently in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Easter’s themes of hope, understanding, and renewal are more relevant than ever.

“We are seeing great displays of personal sacrifice and compassion during this pandemic. Canadians are protecting their friends and families by staying home. Others are donating to food banks, picking up groceries for friends and loved ones, and going to their jobs so we can continue to get the essential goods and services we need. By doing this, Canadians are showing the true meaning of loving our neighbours as ourselves.

“Easter is also a chance to recognize Christians across the country, who contribute so much to our communities as they live out their faith in large and small ways each day. Even now, Christian organizations and churches across Canada are rallying to meet the needs of those most vulnerable in Canada and around the world.

“On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish all those celebrating a joyful and blessed Easter.”

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