Project Drift: Drifting, Street Racing and Take-Overs

Region of Peel – Peel Regional Police recently collaborated with York Regional Police and the Ontario Provincial Police to address brazen illegal street racing activities occurring on the streets and highways of the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

The driving behaviours that were captured far exceeded the threshold of what constitutes a dangerous driving charge. Investigators were able to determine that those who involved themselves in these types of activities, were engaged in highly organized and coordinated attacks on our roads, including taking over entire intersections and disrupting travel of other residents. Those involved with these groups are not car enthusiasts and are responsible for dangerous disruptive vehicle manoeuvres including staged street races, drifting, stunting and other hazardous driving behaviours which often occur in the presence of large crowds.

Project Drift stands for Dangerous Racing Investigative Focus Team. This team was created to support officers involved with the ongoing Eliminate Street Racing on Streets Everywhere (E.R.A.S.E.), program. The E.R.A.S.E. program is a joint forces operation that began in 1999, with a focus on both targeted enforcement and educational components for those who engage in illegal street racing.

During this project, members of the investigative focus team gathered information and evidence which culminated in the execution of several warrants and resulted in the arrests of the following individuals:       

Jonathan Rooplal, a 25-year-old man from Toronto has been charged with:

Dangerous Driving (aiding and abetting) x2

Obstruct Person in Lawful Seizure

Cause Disturbance

Dangerous Driving

Tyler Kendall, a 29-year-old man from Brampton has been charged with:

Dangerous Driving (aiding and abetting) x12

Obstruct Peace Officer

Mohamed Djebel-Ameli, a 22-year-old man from Richmond Hill has been charged with:

Dangerous Driving (aiding and abetting) x4

Torrell Campbell, a 22-year-old man from Barrie has been charged with:

Dangerous Driving (aiding and abetting) x11

Harmanjot Rehal, a 23-year-old man from Mississauga has been charged with:

Dangerous Driving (aiding and abetting) x4

Amidulla Baluch, a 21-year-old man from Toronto has been charged with

Drive While Prohibited

Fail to Comply with Recognizance

Breach of Probation

Possession of Property Obtained by Crime x2

Breach of Probation Order

–    Chief Nishan Duraiappah, Peel Regional Police Said, “Those who choose to show a blatant disregard for community safety by engaging in these types of illegal activities, need to be reminded there are legal consequences for their actions. Today we have successfully put a dent into the organizational structure of these events and are united in the goal to keep our roads safe. The community has had enough. We have all had enough.”

– Deputy Chief Cecile Hammond, York Regional Police, Said, “Joining forces with Peel Regional Police and the Ontario Provincial Police on Project DRIFT strengthened the enforcement efforts of all three police services. We hope these arrests send a strong message to racers and those attending these rallies – we are committed to working together to keep our streets safe.”

– Deputy Commissioner Rose DiMarco, Ontario Provincial Police Said, “Project DRIFT is our way of saying that we will not tolerate this dangerous driving culture on our roads or in our communities. The success of this initiative reflects our firm, collective commitment to keep our roads safe from drivers – and those who aid and abet them – who threaten the safety of innocent people.”

–    Bryan Gast, National Director, Investigations with the Insurance Bureau of Canada Said, “The Insurance Bureau of Canada is pleased to support Peel Regional Police to raise awareness about dangerous driving activities and the impact they have on our personal safety on the roads and in the communities. Dangerous driving behaviours can have tragic results, not to say subsequent charges can seriously affect future insurance premiums and the potential inability to even get insurance.”

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