Relief fund and learning series opens for local artists

This fall, the City of Brampton will be supporting its artists through the COVID-19 Relief Fund for Artists and Art Organizations and the Independent Artist Community of Learning Program to help Brampton’s arts sector stabilize and strengthen, and contribute to the City’s economic recovery.

The city said last week that Brampton-based individual artists can apply for up to $1,000 in relief funds apiece until Dec. 4. Brampton artists have seen an unprecedented loss of revenue and opportunity from cancelled exhibitions, product i o n s , community events, and more, said Mayor Patrick Brown.

“I encourage all of our local artists to apply for our relief fund and learning program for support, to help strengthen our economy, and to take care of themselves as valued members of our community in this difficult time.” The relief fund can help offset artists’ living and working expenses as a result of their lost revenue from the global pandemic. Individual artists can apply until Friday, Dec. 4 at 11:59 pm, or until available program funds are exhausted. For full details and to apply, v i s i t srelief. The city is also collaborating with Generator, a mentorship, teaching and innovation incubator that aims to expand the skills, tools and competencies of independent artists, to present the Independent Artist Community of Learning Program for artists in Brampton.

Applications will be open for artists interested in this program from Oct. 13 to 27. Selected artists will engage with peer mentors and each other via online meetings to learn best practices for applying for grants and connecting to their audience from Nov. 3 – 20. The Independent Artist Community of Learning Program pilot is offered at no cost to participants and supports the Culture Master Plan. For more information, visit /Arts-Culture- Tourism/CulturalSrvs/Pages/An nouncement.asp x/8/.

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