Separate….But TOGETHER!

A community’s true character is revealed when times get tough. You’ll notice this in times of crisis, when you see communities pulling together.

There is no better example of this then what we are seeing in the Peel community right now in the wake of this Covid-19 pandemic;

  1. Local grocery stores are providing isolated shopping times and cash lanes for the more vulnerable members of our community to limit virus exposure
  2. Charity organizations are offering services to go out and shop for the elderly, single parents and those living with disabilities
  3. Corporations are using profits to contribute funds to health care centres for respirators, personal protective equipment and other required health materials
  4. Fitness centres are providing live, interactive video classes online for folks to participate from home which without missing out on the social aspect
  5. Social network groups are keeping each other informed and have taken to sharing more products with each other on a needs basis at no cost
  6. Professional athletic teams are checking in on and sending words of encouragement to their opponents
  7. Retired health care workers are returning to the front lines to help with the overwhelming health care needs
  8. Emergency Service workers are still out there and ready to respond, their service delivery now comes with a heightened use of personal protective equipment.

Do your part in observing social distancing and only going out for the essentials and going to and from work. If you are sick, self-isolate.

Thank you all for your patience, support and understanding. If everyone does his or her part, we will get through this.

A Safer Community Together.

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Surjit Singh Flora

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