Sikh Community Celebrates Guru Nanak’s Gurpurb in Style

By: Surjit Singh Flora

Brampton -Canada It was a jubilant celebration, this past weekend, as Bramptonians celebrated the 550th birthday of Guru Nanak Dev’s Gurpurb with prayers and ceremonies at local Sikh temples.

The ceremonies were held in advance of the Nov,12 occurrence, with a variety of events that brought inspirations and unity to residents of all walks of life in the community.

               For the past few weeks, local temples were being decorated with lights and various kinds of flowers and art crafts.

The federal government congratulated the community on the occasion, with MP Sonia Sidhu from Brampton South, MP Kyle Seeback from Dufferin Caledon where on hand at events to bring greeting from their prospective parties.

MPP Prabmeet Singh Sarkaria Brampton South brought greeting and congratulations to the Sikh community on behalf of   the Progressive Conservative Party and Premier Doug Ford.

Mayor Patrick Brown along with councillor Martin Medeiros also congratulated the Sikh community during a larger event held on Nov 12 at Nanak Sar Sikh Temple in Brampton. Brown said he was proud to honour the special day and referenced the recent move by the council to acknowledge Guru Nanak with a street in his name.

Besides that, hundreds of devotees thronged brightly lit gurdwars across the country on Tuesday to pay obeisance to Guru Nanak Dev ji on his 550th Birth anniversary, with the epicenter of celebrations being at the holy city of Sultanpur Lodhi.

Consulate General of India (Toronto) Aproorva Srivastava also extended greetings on the occasion, saying Guru Nanak’s teachings of mutual love, truthfulness, brotherhood and righteousness are of eternal relevance, and have universal appeal that cuts across the sectarian, communal and regional divides.

Braving the morning chill, visitors offered prayers at various shrines and took part in “langer” (free Kitchen) and “shabad Kirtans”.

ueue of devotees continued to pay their respect until the event was over.

“He gave the ‘maha mantra’ to mankind — ‘Naam Japo, Kirat Karo and Wand Chhako’ – chant the name of God, put in hard and honest labour, and share the fruits of one’s earnings with others,” a local  Ragi ( Sikh priest)  said regarding  Guru’s message of peace, sharing, and unity

The first Guru of the Sikh religious, the venerable Guru Nanak Dev Ji is a unique symbol of India’s rich saint tradition. His teachings, thoughts and his resolve to serve humanity are an inspiration for us,” said Gurmeet Singh secretary of the Sikh Nanak Sar Temple.

Brampton City will also mark the anniversary this weekend on Sunday Nov 17th at the city hall with public cerebration from 1 pm to 5 pm.

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