Sikhs are handing out free food to the self-isolated elderly amid the Coronavirus outbreak in Mississauga

Sikhs are handing out free food to the self-isolated elderly amid the coronavirus outbreak in Mississauga

By: Surjit Singh Flora

At a time when the world is struggling with the outbreak of the new coronavirus, people have been forced to isolate themselves and quarantine to contain the spread of the virus.

While the infectious virus poses a serious threat to the immune system at any age, older people are more at risk because the likelihood of chronic diseases increases significantly with age.

With COVID-19 spreading worldwide and claiming nearly 20,000 lives, several nations have suffered a virtual blockade.

Amidst such a time of emergency and social distancing, a ‘free food support’ initiative has begun in Malton by the Group of 770 OM Co-hosted by Kulwinder Chinna, Jagdish Grewal, Jagraj Sidhu, Sodhi Nagra, Randhir Rana, Charanjit Brar, and Arifa Muzaffar to help those in need and they open up a free kitchen named “Punjabi Food Service.” With the help of Jagraj Sidhu, more than 100 international students, Youth workers, and various other groups have promised to contribute to this organization.

We don’t give away food; we serve it with love, compassion, and all the kindness. Said Jagraj Sidhu

Started by the Sikh community of the town, the service will provide “healthy and nutritious” food essentials to seniors’ and those quarantined as well as newcomers from 5 PM to 8 PM Monday to Friday

They are also looking for a donation of these items such as Atta, (Wheat flour) Daal, (lentils), Peas, Beans, Milk, and Butter.

Given that youngsters are a low-risk group with regards to the COVID-19, this initiative is run by them at large.

The entire operation is being funded by the community and group of 770 OM

The initiative has been hailed by netizens, who even praised the initiative taken by the Sikh communities across the world in times of severe crisis.

Langar means free kitchen anyone, from any religion, gender, caste, creed, and social status, can come and have food prepared and served by Sewadars (volunteers) for free. The main idea behind the concept of Langar is community dining, equality amongst people, and the feeling of oneness and sharing.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji 1st Guru of Sikhs established the Langar because he rejected the Hindu caste system, where people of different castes do not eat together. Guru Nanak Dev Ji wanted to stress the idea that everyone is equal. Everyone shares the tasks of preparation, cooking, serving, and cleaning. This shows selfless service to the others in the community, the gurdwaras, and the world outside.

Keeping in view of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Radio’s Hundreds of families were transported to flourishing families of along with nearly 70 other business organizations, were assisted by hundreds of volunteers reaching out to needy families. Also, all the Punjabi food service volunteers have been collecting food on weekends in front of various grocery stores. Because of the abundance of needy families,

They also need many volunteers on the weekends, including drivers with cars, so that they can deliver people free meals. For more information, call 416-302-3600. Or you can pick up the food from 5 Studley St. Mississauga.

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