Sonia Sidhu raises concerns in Health Committee on Coronavirus and Canadians’ safe return from China

Brampton – Sonia Sidhu, Member of Parliament from Brampton South, and many Health Committee members raised their concerns about Coronavirus and safety of Canadian families living in China including the Canadian children accompanying parents who are not Canadian citizens but are permanent residents.

The discussion extended the conversation to prevent potential racial discrimination with the Chinese community during the growing threat of coronavirus.

“With repatriation efforts are underway for Canadians abroad, I wanted to know what services are in place for Canadians in China and how to access them, how are we keeping families together and what measures are in place to prevent racial discrimination in these trying times?” Sonia Sidhu questioned.

Sonia Sidhu asked questions directly to expert witnesses such as CBSA, Global Affairs, Public Safety and Transport Canada; who are involved at the ground level in our government’s response to the evolving Coronavirus situation.

Responding to the questions, experts informed that they are taking all the necessary steps to keep Canadians’ safe and their families together. They also said that the officers have been given the necessary training to prevent racial discrimination and they advised all Canadians in the region to contact the Global

Affairs Canada through 24*7 special line or website for any help or assistance.

Sonia Sidhu also appealed to her constituents to contact her Brampton South office for further assistance.  

Latest report :- China’s National Health Commission reported Tuesday that the nationwide total of coronavirus infections had reached 20,438, with 3,235 new cases confirmed. China’s nationwide death toll currently stands at 425. 

– At least 180 cases of the virus have been identified outside of China, including 12 confirmed cases in Germany.

– A healthcare worker in Wuhan says the hospitals are so overwhelmed that they are not able to diagnose every case. 

– The World Health Organization (WHO) said there’s a “window of opportunity” to halt the spread of the virus and urged countries to immediately share information about cases.

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