Speed enforcement program launches in Caledon

by Alex Gregory

Amid a year that has seen increased levels of speeding and driver aggression on the roads, Caledon is making plans to curb such actions with the launch of a new enforcement program. The Town announced Monday that the Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) program has launched in the municipality, bringing the automated cameras to neighbourhood zones in the wake of similar programs launched in Brampton and Mississauga.

The first sign and camera debuted on Old Church Road, near Robert F. Catholic School, with more planned for the future in neighbouring school zones. “Safety on our streets is so important and using ASE is one way to help ensure vehicles are not speeding,” says Mayor Allan Thompson. “If you’re riding your bicycle or walking, be sure to follow the appropriate rules and always be aware of your surroundings.”

The ASE program launched in Brampton last year, and has seen multiple cameras set up in community safety and school zones to catch speeding vehicles, via a speed-measurement tool and camera that automatically captures images of offenders. Since then, campaigns to roll out the cameras have continued. In Mississauga, a planned rollout of ASE cameras hit a snag this past summer due to delays posting 30 km/h speed limits in all school zones throughout the city and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Last month, vandals targeted a Brampton ASE camera in the Ray Lawson and McLaughlin Road area on multiple occasions, though the damage was quickly repaired. Motorists in the Old Church area saw signs notifying them of the new camera being planned for the neighbourhood earlier this spring.

According to the Town, six other school zones have been targeted as potential sites for the ASE program, including Caledon Central Public School on Charleston Sideroad, which recently had signs installed notifying residents of its future installation. Sites in Palgrave and Alton have also been listed as future placement areas, the Town said in a statement. “Speed enforcement is a reminder that we all need to slow down to keep our communities safe,” said Terry Ricketts, Director of Transportation, Region of Peel.

“The automated speed enforcement program will help increase public awareness about the critical need to slow down in school zones and community safety zones, change driver behaviour and ultimately improve road user safety.

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