Terrorist attacks – Gun and gang violence on the rise globally

By: Surjit Singh Flora

We just mark the 19th anniversary of Sept. 11th, the deadliest terrorist attack in world history. And still Terrorist organizations and attacks are on the rise around the world. Terrorist Thoughts and Emotions If one’s heart and mind are established, then there are very few chances that these emotions can disappear without revenge or destruction or before death.

Terrorist attacks are on the rise in the world today because young people are no longer in love with their lives. The qualities of patience, peace, discipline, obedience to adults, and the wisdom of observation are declining in children and young people; young people are immediately striving to fulfill what they think.

Most young people have little regard for laws, rules, principles, etiquette; they are outraged by today’s bullying, injustice, oppression, and bribery system. They have no desire to live. That’s why they are getting involved in drugs, fights, crimes, killing someone is becoming their favourite passion, and in the intensity of youth, they take revenge, destroy, and endanger themselves. Opportunities to fulfill intentions are being explored.

On the other hand, today, one country is looking for another country, one leader to another leader, one trader to another trader, to destroy the youth of terrorist ideas, and become terrorists. That is why terrorism is on the rise all over the world. Terrorists are being provided with money, drugs, luxury items, well-equipped modern army weapons to make the youth terrorists.

Today, children’s toys and injectors are also being used as weapons, and computers and mobile games are also being marketed through the net. Ninety-nine percent of the films also portray violence, revenge and ministers, officials, police officers as tyrants, thieves, robbers, anti-national smugglers, and the hero as the great warrior who eradicated them.

Even experts say that a child up to 10 years old also has seen thousands of rape scenes, murder, robbery, and weapons for revenge on mobile phones, meaning childhood is being turned violent. Weapons available to terrorists are not available to the police or paramilitary today. The weapons were seized from the terrorists or the street shooting, gun, and gang violence today.

While growing up, our youths had the idea in their minds that when they grow up, they will join the army for the security, development, and progress of their country. By becoming honest and loyal leaders, and serve the country people, will also sacrifice their lives to save their country from enemies, for which the youth loved their health, dignity, life, lived in discipline, lived in obedience and principles.

If today’s children and youth are asked what they will become when they grow up, all children and youth will say that they will become film actors, dancers, or singers when they grow up. The brightest youngsters are ready to go abroad; those who can’t go are unemployed and looking away from jobs or businesses due to bribery, drugs, corruption, manipulation, dishonesty, injustice, unemployment, and looting.

And because of the looting of public and public money by ministers, leaders, and officials, which is a daily occurrence in newspapers, TV channels. Also. It is being shown on channels, social media, and movies and most of the poor and compelled youth are also enduring such political atrocities.

They blame the ministers, leaders, officials, and administration for the ongoing looting in the country and seek revenge: corruption, looting, dishonesty, manipulation, agitations to end injustice.

They are prioritizing violence, most of today’s youth are adopting the revolutionary thinking of easy money,

Those in power oppress the poor, the oppressed, the workers, the peasants, forcing people to commit suicide and looking for weapons to become terrorists.

Guns and gangs’ members, Drug deals have been encouraging other youths to resort to violence and fight for their rights.

It is not the fault of children and youth; they want to live, laugh, dance, jump, enjoy the life, do a lot for the country, society and the public but their dreams, thoughts, feelings, Intentions, passion, patriotism, duties, responsibilities, hard work, loyalty all begin to wane in their degrees which they are not tolerating because they had forgotten patience since childhood.

In the blood, the zeal of patriotism is more significant than in the world, but instead of good leadership, honest governments, ministers, administration, police, courts, they face fraud, dishonesty, manipulation, injustice, bribery system. No parent wants their children to be forced to live in foreign countries, leave their parents forever and wander abroad, but parents also understand that their country’s system does not respect scholars, but every system abroad. Governments, administrations, police, and courts are honest, loyal, disciplined, fair and respectful.

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