The growing drug trade among Punjabis in North America

By: Surjit Singh Flora

More than 27 people in Ontario have been charged with the dismantling of an international drug smuggling network, resulting in the seizure of 48 firearms, $ 730,000 in cash and $ 2.5 million in drugs – including heroin found in an indoor children’s play center.

The police said in a press release issued on Monday that the “sound” international network has expanded to Western Canada, the United States and India, and involves the import of large amounts of cocaine, ketamine, heroin and opium from Canada, and then “passing through a complex run by traffickers.” system.”

27 were arrested and indicted in the Greater Toronto Area, and 19 of them were from the city of Brampton. Of these, 23 are of Punjabi origin alone. One suspect, Gurbinder Sooch, remains at large.

This is not the first time that these Punjabis have faced obstacles. Even before this, hundreds of Punjabis have been jailed for drug dealing.

There is no doubt that Punjabi is a hardworking nation. They made Mars from the forest wherever they went. In every country, in every corner of the globe, they have earned a good name for their hard work and dedication. While they have made themselves prosperous by coming abroad, they have also made invaluable contributions to the local and national economy.

At the same time, they have made a name for themselves in the religious, cultural, political and scientific fields. Punjabis have made great strides in almost every field. Speaking of the business sector, these people are no less here. There is no doubt that we leave our homes and go abroad in search of riches.

At times, however, some people try to get rich quick and over the night, become involved in wrongdoing. They flout the law and engage in various illegal activities. The most prevalent of these is the drug trade.

Canada in particular was ranked number one. Many Punjabis here have completely immersed themselves in this drug business. Many kinds of gangs have sprung up there. Many groups have been formed. Many precious lives have been lost to these gangs. The image of our community that is being painted in the eyes of the world today is certainly worrying. Checking at the US-Canada border has been made stricter than before, but our Punjabi heroes do not even care about it, as a result of which today the jails of USA and Canada are full of Punjabi drug smugglers. The manner in which the trucks of the Punjabis at the border are specially stopped and scrutinized can certainly give an idea of ​​how notorious we have become in the eyes of the intelligence and security agencies.

Sadly, sometimes religious books are not spared in this business. Recently some Punjabis were similarly arrested for drug smuggling. Due to these incidents, the security agencies of USA and Canada are now looking at every Punjabi with suspicion. Local agencies are also sending troops to Punjab to find a solution to the problem and crack down on gang rackets.

Not only young people are involved in this business but also many old people, children and even women are being used, also serving their sentences in various jails.

These signs are not good for our Punjabi community. By engaging in the wrong business, while these people are defaming the Punjabi community, they are also turning a blind eye to the teachings of the world’s newest Sikh religion.

Everyone wants to make money, but if it is earned with dignity, there is no imitation. Before getting involved in this business, one must think about one’s elders, one’s family, one’s future generation.

In the past three years, Indian agencies found in different operations that drugs were transported to Canada from Punjab in vessels, electronic machines and even in holy books.

Involved in the drug racket those arrested in Canada few days ago those wants to get rich over the night are:

Rupinder Sharma (25), Vaughan

Prabhsimran Kaur (25), Vaughan

Parshotem Malhi (54), Brampton

Rupinder Dhillon (37), Brampton

Sanveer Singh (25), Brampton

Haripal Nagra (45), Brampton

Hassam Syed (30), Brampton

Pritpal Singh (56), Brampton

Harkiran Singh (33), Brampton

Lakhpreet Brar (29), Brampton

Didy Adansi (52), Toronto

Sarbjit Singh (43), Woodstock

Balwinder Dhaliwal (60), Brampton

Rupinder Dhaliwal (39), Toronto

Ranjit Singh (40), Toronto

Sukhmanpreet Singh (23), Brampton

Khushal Bhinder (36), Brampton

Prabhjeet Mundian (34), Brampton

Vansh Aurora (24), Brampton

Simranjeet Narang (28), Brampton

Harjinder Jhaj (28), Caledon

Gaganpreet Gill (28), Brampton

Sukhjit Dhaliwal (47), Brampton

Imran Khan (33), Toronto

Chinedu Ajoku (51), Brampton

Harjot Singh (31), Brampton

Sukhjit Dhugga (35), Brampton

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