” The trust is broken.” PM doesn’t seem to see the real outcome the “trust in HIM is broken”.

By: Surjit Singh Flora

Trudeau pulled the trigger on two Members and there will be clear consequences.

This action has instantly and forever changed the PMs reputation. This action defines him and forever will.

Identity politics has bitten the Liberals in the Butts. JWR and Philpott should become spokespeople for the me-too movement. I am appalled why there is not an RCMP investigation. Does anyone know how to get the ball rolling on this?

The answer is Yes! If Liberals get rid of Trudeau and bring Jody Wilson in as a leader.

He actually states a fact. ” The trust is broken.”

What seems apparent is the PM doesn’t seem to see the real outcome of his conduct.

The “trust in him is broken”.

The Liberal Party as the governing party is now riding the Titanic! Straight down.

Party loyalists are scrambling. The outcome is unavoidable.

No sorry! No apology !! beside PM blaming the two honest ladies. Canadians are now witnessing to history in the making… a “one term Trudeau”

Party need to apologists will try to persuade Canadians that the Liberal Party can still be trusted. But that trust is forever broken, and the only recourse would have been for the Party to fire Justin Trudeau and stand in the very principles for which they want to be known!

Instead, still believing Justin has some remaining nostalgic support all because of his name, the loyalists, fearing they may be next to be booted out of their jobs, clung to “the Name”.

Jody Wilson-Raybould has immeasurable public support for her brave stand, filled with the very integrity the Liberal Party claims to have.
She is authentic and trusted.

If the Liberal Party had fired Trudeau, and IF Jody Wilson-Raybould had won leadership of the Liberal Party, it is very predictable to see she would win, and the Liberal Party would continue to govern.
Even staunch Conservatives and NDP have said they would vote Liberal see this woman lead.

By booting her, she is no longer a threat to Trudeau’s leadership for the Liberal party helm. Once again, his actions are clearly “what he sees are in his best interest…” not even in his own Party’s best interest…
No one matters to this PM except his worship

Supporters of Jody Wilson-Raybould in her Vancouver Granville riding say they’re disappointed she was ejected from the Liberal caucus, but they would back her in the federal election if she ran as an Independent.
But, She cannot become PM as an Independent.

This woman is already a star. And for all the right reasons.

The actions taken have also sent a clear message to every sitting Liberal MP and wannabe Liberal MP. Toe the line!

“No opinion either than the leader” will be tolerated.”

“Behave honestly, and speak up, you will be fired!”

The leadership of the Party she believes in.

She just doesn’t trust or believe I the current Leader and neither do most Canadians today.

Times are changing. People have little faith in traditional leadership.

Hence Donald Trump, Doug Ford…, And now Lori Lightfoot as a Chicago Mayor-elect the first black woman and first lesbian to lead the city. People with zero political histories. People who are seen as trailblazers.

Whether you agree or disagree with these people getting elected, the fact is they did. The stereotypical mold is broken, in fact, shattered.

Media pundits and party operatives and backroom party Brainiac’s are all scrambling to stay ahead of “the new order”

It’s time for liberals, to distance from Trudeau, and bring the Jody Wilson-Raybould close, to win the trust of Canadians and win the coming up election.
With Trudeau, liberals will end up the same what happens in Ontario to Kathleen Wynne.

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Surjit Singh Flora

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