To prevent immigration Visa fraud and scandals, Canada launched the visa information campaign in India

By: Surjit Singh Flora

Canada has introduced an information campaign in India to save time and money for applicants for Temporary Resident Visas. All this is being done to prevent fraud and immigration scandals. Apart from this, it is being done to provide information for users of better channels when applying for a Canadian Visa.
People in Punjab are so obsessed about going abroad that they don’t verify the agents’ antecedents. Young or older people, to go aboard. They pay any fee, in cash without any receipt.
That’s the reasons for the thriving human trafficking racket under the garb of immigration.
These agents put them across to some licensed immigration agencies in big cities in Punjab or Chandigarh for further processing their travel papers. The men remain oblivious to the identity of the persons processing their documents.
So far, the Indian government has done nothing to crack down on these devious immigration shops. The state government had promised to curb illegal immigration. The Legislative Assembly had passed the Punjab Prevention of Human Smuggling Bill in October 2010, but nothing has done so far. It looks like it’s just buried in the papers and files.
Last year, 297,000 visitors from India reached Canada. With these numbers continuing to grow, it is difficult for the applicants to know the accurate facts while applying. These campaigns are designed initially to help applicants applying for visas to essential facts. Canada wants all the applicants to be familiar with the following:
Applying online will save money and time:
· They will not have to pay extra to the immigration consultant while applying them.
· They can apply online while sitting at their home and can avoid the extra visa facility of the visa application center.
They can apply themselves, or they can apply by a trusted friend or family member if they need it.
· Visitor visa application cost is $100 Canadian, which is much cheaper than applying by any consultant.
· There is no significant benefit to apply as a paper or through a consultant. The online and paper visa applications are to be decided by the same immigration officials.
Do not use an unauthorized immigration consultant:
Many people who claim to be immigration consultants are not actually authorized to pay for immigration advice, and they take advantage of the public for their extra fee.
If an applicant requires a consultant to apply for a visa, then he should ensure that the consultant is recognized in Canada. So he can check that the relevant consultant immigration consultants of Canada Regulatory Are registered with the Council. Because Under federal law, all immigration consultants must be registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.
* No consultant can guarantee a Canadian visa. Those who claim that they can do so, they are not speaking the truth, and their eyes are only on people’s money.
* Avoid fraudulent and fraudulent consultants and do not fall into any immigration scam.
* Think twice before reapplying:
* If a visa application has been dismissed once, then they should think twice before reapplying.
* They should reapply in the same way if they can answer the reasons why their original application was rejected and how they had changed their previous circumstances.
* With re-applying on the head of the same information, without consulting the consultant or consultant, there can be no change in the previous decision. It will also cost a lot, and your applications will continue to be dismissed again.
This campaign is also going to get help from newspapers, radio, Facebook and Google. Advertisements are available in English, French, Punjabi and Hindi and will be run in June 2019. For more information, visit the site and help your family member or friend in India to find authorized immigration consultants and protect themselves from any type of fraud.

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