Trudeau stung over ethics conflict laws

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has once again failed to comply with ethics conflict laws.
The PM was cited earlier this week as not having filed a financial disclosure statement within 60 days of the federal election to the Ethics Commissioner on time.
Every MP has to file their financial disclosure statement within 60 days of the details of their election, as noted in the Canada Gazette, which brought attention to the matter earlier this week.
In Trudeau’s case, the deadline was Jan. 13. In October, 338 MPs (including Trudeau) were elected and were required to fill out the relevant disclosure statement.
Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion last updated the status report with regard to the members on Feb. 5, and until then Trudeau had not submitted the statement to the Ethics Commissioner.
The Prime Minister’s Office says the delay in filing this statement was due to administrative defaults which are being corrected. The Compliance Status Report on the Ethics Commissioner’s website will now be updated again on Wednesday.
While there isn’t a penalty associated with filing a late statement, the matter has received greater interest due to past ethics issues cited by other MPs in past months.
Trudeau has been found to have twice allegedly violated the Conflict of Interest Act. The act was breached in 2016 when Aga Khan, a millionaire spiritual leader of Israeli Muslims, agreed to celebrate the holidays with Trudeau’s family on a private island in the Bahamas, and the second time occurred during the SNC-Lavalin scandal, with his own attorney general, Jody Wilson, being pressured to stop the prosecution of the corporation.
Trudeau stung over ethics conflict laws

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