Two new long term care centers will be set up in Brampton

By: Surjit Singh Flora
Brampton, The Ontario government, is making history by investing in 80 new long-term care projects. Meanwhile, two new long-term care homes will be set up in Brampton.
This will create 352 new long-term care facilities in Brampton. These will be part of the government’s commitment to creating 30,000 such long-term care spaces over the next ten years.
These projects will include the Guru Nanak Long Term Care Center to be set up in Brampton, which will have 160 new spaces. The project will build a brand-new home in Brampton. Services will be provided to the members of the Punjabi and Sikh community in this home. In addition, 192 new spaces will be created under Indus Community Services. The project will build a new home in Brampton as part of the Campus of Care. Services will be provided to South Asian communities under this home.
At the same time, it will help in giving a modern look to the long-term care sector. These projects will help reduce long waitlists and eliminate the trend of hallway medicine. At the provincial level, the investment includes other government priorities, including eliminating three- and four-bed ward rooms, creating a campus of care, and the provision of new spaces for Indigenous, French-speaking and other cultural community residents.
Brampton South MPP and Small Business and Red Tape Reduction Minister Prabhmeet Sarkaria said the number of long-term care recipients in Brampton is likely to increase over the next decade. Today, our government announced two long-term care homes to ensure that Brampton has a safe and modern space for our seniors.
Brampton West MPP Amarjot Sandhu said he was “very excited” about today’s announcement. He said that overcoming long-term care problems has been a priority of our government from day one. We are happy that our government helps our community and Guru Nanak Long Term Care Center and Indus Long Term Care Home in Brampton Opening.
Meanwhile, Gurpreet Malhotra from Indus Community Center told us that they have been struggling for the last five years to set up such a long-term care center, and after five years of hard work, this government has helped us. He said that we will set up this Long-Term Care Center in Brampton, for which we have yet to announce the location. The government will share in the cost of running these long-term care homes. “This is a big project for us, and we are going to launch a fund-raising campaign,” Malhotra said.
On the other hand, two acres of land in Fun Fast and Sandalwood area for Guru Nanak Long Term Care Center has already been taken over by Sikh Sangat Gurdwara Sahib, and Guru Nanak Center Glidden Road Gurdwara Sahib and a joint youth committee Was established, led by Harkirat Singh City Councillor and contributed by various professional boys and girls.
Talking to us yesterday, Harkirat Singh said that it is a matter of pride for the community, and professional boys and girls have joined hands with us for this purpose, and a team has also been set up. Are ready to work An outline of what the building will look like in the future will be prepared and presented to the community.
Meanwhile, MP Ruby Sahota and former minister Harinder Malhi also have to be congratulated for their support of these two projects. Various Gurdwaras and institutions also contributed to the achievement of this goal.

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