Vaccine passports not on the table, says Ford

Vaccine passports aren’t on the table for now, said Premier Doug Ford. The Premier, speaking at a press conference late last week, said that while Ontario continues to reopen, the issue of a “vaccine passport” is one that has not been officially mandated by the province.

While the province issues a record of vaccination after an individual receives a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, putting forward a requirement for residents to show a “passport” at businesses within the province would prevent several challenges, Ford said during an event held by the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

Ford acknowledged during the event, hosted last Thursday, that slips with such records could be forged. However, he indicated, the province is not considering production of any digital proof of vaccination, although many have called for it. “It’s up to them if the federal government prepares such a vaccine passport for crossing the border, but we’re not doing that,” Ford said. For local response to this issue, look inside this week’s Business section.

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