We Share the Road and the Responsibility

The beautiful weather is alluring to all motorcycle enthusiasts, with good reason, of course. The roadways are clear of mud, snow, ice, and salt. The sky is bright with the sun, and the air is warm and welcoming. There is a definite feeling of freedom that comes with hopping on to the seat of a motorcycle and taking a ride on a beautiful day. Unfortunately, with that freedom comes a heightened level of vulnerability for a motorcyclist. So, how can we ensure the safety of them as well as other drivers?

All drivers, including motorcyclists, need to respect posted speed limits and follow the rules of the road. Higher rates of speed and other risky driving behaviors could have catastrophic results.

All drivers need to remain aware of their surroundings. As motorcycles take up much less space on the roadway, it’s vital to keep an eye out for them before committing to any lane changes, turns at intersections, or other maneuvers affecting traffic.

Make sure that your car or motorcycle is lawful and in the proper functioning condition for use on the roadways.   

Operate your motor vehicles, of any kind, while sober, alert, and undistracted.

Check out the Ontario Highway Traffic Act for information about rules of the road, equipment, and licensing. There is also valuable information about Races, Contests, and Stunts in the Ontario Regulations.

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