Worry Free While Away

You are booked, packed and excited for your vacation. The last thing you’re expecting is to receive a call from police letting you know that your home has been broken into and your possessions have been taken. This is a problem that Peel Regional Police does not want you to have to face.

So, before you lock your front door to set off on a break away from home; do review these three tips to help reduce your risk of being a victim while on vacation.

  • DO take a look around your yard and put away any items that can be used to gain access into your home. Things such as a ladders or left over patio stones.
  • DO remove your garage door opener from your car and place it inside your home. This way it eliminates the opportunity for thieves to use this item to gain access into your garage and possibly into your home.
  • DO let your neighbors know that you will be on vacation so they can call police if there is any suspicious activity and arrange to have your mail and flyers picked up.

To ensure daily security take the Home Security Challenge, it will give you an indication of the level of security of your home. In 2018 Peel Regional Police reported that residential break and enters were reduced by over 10%. Take a few minutes and help ensure your homes protection.

For more home safety tips visit Peelpolice.ca/safety

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