Anti-Human Trafficking Champion Earns Funding for Peel Regional Police

In December 2020, the Canadian Department of Justice awarded $105,000.00 for the Peel Regional Police Human Trafficking Initiative, to combat a serious but often unseen problem in the community.

Canadian police services have received over 1700 reports of human trafficking since 2009. The numbers have been increasing steadily every year. Ninety-seven percent of those coerced and forced into these often lengthy, life-threatening and traumatizing circumstances are women and girls between the ages of 16 and 24 but have been as young as 13. The most concerning fact about this reality are the number of unreported cases.

Last year, Constable Joy Brown, members of the Peel Human Trafficking Service Providers Committee and the Region of Peel, secured $3,103,700 in provincial funding for the region as part of the province’s Anti-Human Trafficking Strategy. Over the course of five years (2020-2025), the money will be provided to the Integrated Services Hub for victims and survivors aged 12 and up, providing on-site health care, trauma counselling, addictions support, legal aid, education and employment services.

“Human trafficking has a serious impact on our community. In securing federal funding, we are better able to respond to the needs of victims/survivors. Peel Regional Police continues to collaborate with community partners in providing trauma informed, survivor-centred services, when assisting victims and survivors in rebuilding their lives.” says Constable Joy Brown, “This initiative was designed to help individuals safely exit their situation, improve their quality of life and increase knowledge and awareness of the impact of human trafficking in our region. I want to thank the Department of Justice for supporting our efforts.”

“Joy has been instrumental in this endeavour and has been performing Community Safety and Well-Being work for years by engaging all aspects of intervention, prevention and social development through the long established and strong partnerships she has nurtured with external stakeholders that share the same purpose”, said Inspector Mark Dapat from the Regional Community Mobilization Unit.

Victims of human sex trafficking are typically some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Constable Joy Brown has raised awareness about human trafficking at an accelerated rate within our region and provincially while directly supporting victims/survivors. These supports include addiction, mental health, housing, employment, educational services and long-term case management, including support to parents and siblings of human trafficking victims/survivors.

We are extremely proud of Constable Joy Brown and are grateful for her passion and dedication to help victims of human sex trafficking.

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